within reach

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within reach

Almost attainable. This phrase can be used both literally and figuratively. A noun or pronoun can be used between "within" and "reach." Molly is on bed rest, so be sure to leave anything she’ll need within her reach. Studying will put your goal of getting an A in this class within reach.
See also: reach, within

within someone's reach

 and within someone's grasp 
1. Lit. close enough to be grasped. The ball was almost within his reach!
2. Fig. almost in the possession of someone. My goals are almost within my reach, so I know I'll succeed. We almost had the contract within our grasp, but the deal fell through at the last minute.
See also: reach, within

within (easy) ˈreach (of something)

close to something: The house is within easy reach of schools and sports facilities.
See also: reach, within
References in classic literature ?
He drew the listening savages round him by his nervous eloquence; taunted them with recitals of past wrongs and insults; drew glowing pictures of triumphs and trophies within their reach; recounted tales of daring and romantic enterprise, of secret marchings, covert lurkings, midnight surprisals, sackings, burnings, plunderings, scalpings; together with the triumphant return, and the feasting and rejoicing of the victors.
"The prospect of a solution in Cyprus is within their reach," Ban added.
But with the Honest Men in third, chasing a play-off spot, he insists joining the Ibrox club in the Championship is within their reach. Gers, who face United today, have racked up 22 wins in 23 matches with just one draw against Stranraer spoiling a 100 per cent record - but they have copped flak for the money spent on wages.
The buyer group is building a large portfolio in the area and the absorption of the units for long term hold was within their reach. 1200 13th Street sold for $199,000 and 1211 7th Street sold or $310,000.
Then tragedy and unexpected disasters disrupt the peace that seems to be within their reach, and they are forced to face even worse events than they experienced on the depleted planet Earth.
THE Grand Slam and Triple Crown may have long since expired for Clive Woodward's England side,but the Six Nations trophy is still well within their reach.
It didn't have the Manchester United victory which, I always felt, was within their reach.
"For black Virginians, determined to fulfill the egalitarian promise of the American Revolution," states Egerton, "the news from the Caribbean reminded them that if they dared, the death of slavery might be within their reach (41).
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