within rights

within (one's) rights

Being allowed by the law to do something or behave a certain way. I'm sorry, sir, but he's within his rights to put these signs on his lawn, even if you find them offensive. They were well within their rights to deny entry to the man, who they claimed was intoxicated and unruly.
See also: right, within

*within one's rights

acting legally in one's own interest. (*Typically: be ~; act ~.) I know I am within my rights when I make this request. You are not within your rights!
See also: right, within
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Young unmarried women especially who are a tremendous galvanising within rights movement face the near impossible task of securing a United States visa that if granted, would enable them to bring to the foyer pertinent discussions around the state of gender equality globally,'' the statement calling for action said.
An Arriva spokesperson said: "Arriva's policy states that drivers are within rights to ask a passenger to disembark if they believe there may be a health and safety risk.
Jesdev Saggar, managing director of 3 Associates, responded: "The Roy family are within rights to reject the bid and we will choose to ignore the emotionally charged responses.
Would the Germans have been within rights to shoot him had they captured him?
AT&T shot back in January attempting to have that suit thrown out, arguing that the company was within rights protected by the Communication Act to control the flow of data over their networks, and that any violation of that right was a matter for the Federal Communications Commission to decide, rather than the FTC.
This is not the dream vehicle Armn -- or anyone -- would want for a Bollywood foray (in Armn's case, though, you would be perfectly within rights to wonder if the boy is ready for a launch at all).
Tuesday was the last date for Tiwari to voluntarily give his blood sample failing which the officials would have been within rights to force him.
It is within rights of the opposing counsel in discovery to gather these records, unless you can convince a judge that the records are no longer accessible, it would be a major burden, they are not needed, or the records are confidential information with regards to other projects.