within reach

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within reach

Almost attainable. This phrase can be used both literally and figuratively. A noun or pronoun can be used between "within" and "reach." Molly is on bed rest, so be sure to leave anything she’ll need within her reach. Studying will put your goal of getting an A in this class within reach.
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within someone's reach

 and within someone's grasp 
1. Lit. close enough to be grasped. The ball was almost within his reach!
2. Fig. almost in the possession of someone. My goals are almost within my reach, so I know I'll succeed. We almost had the contract within our grasp, but the deal fell through at the last minute.
See also: reach, within

within (easy) ˈreach (of something)

close to something: The house is within easy reach of schools and sports facilities.
See also: reach, within
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He added, The Beehive prospect is a large undrilled structure with great hydrocarbon-bearing potential and, being immediately adjacent to the Blacktip facilities and within reach of Ichthys infrastructure, a commercial discovery could be quickly delivered to market.
The Cypriot leaders have demonstrated tremendous dedication, persistence, and perseverance in pursuit of an agreement on a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation -- and I truly believe that a reunified Cyprus is finally within reach," said Kerry.
Like a traditional career fair, Within Reach would bring career professionals to the library to talk with teens.
The court heard that the woman left the two children at home on their own with drug paraphernalia, which was within reach of them and alongside baby products.
Fertility Within Reach will subsidize cryostorage costs, as well as the cost of ReproTech's OverNite Male[TM] Kits, resulting in its Banking on the Future financial assistance program being the only program that enables qualified patients to utilize at home semen collection kits at no cost to the patient.
NS) has said that India's fiscal deficit target is within reach.
NetSuite gives Design Within Reach a clean, modern cloud platform that aligns with the company's principles of authentic modern design.
We're within reach of strategically defeating Al Qaeda and I'm hoping to be able to focus on that, working obviously with my prior agency as well," said Panetta, who ran the CIA until the end of June.
I do believe a solution is within reach -- but it will require even more courage, compromise and commitment,'' he added.
The scheme, launched at Cwrt Pant yr Awel in Lewistown, near Blackmill, Bridgend, uses Welsh Assembly Government funding secured by Bridgend County Borough Council, to allow homebuyers the opportunity to acquire a property through the Homes within Reach shared equity scheme.
Summary: Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak said on Friday a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian is within reach.
3 : the probability that something can be achieved <Success is within reach.
FOR DESIGN WITHIN REACH, DESIGN IS AS important to its customer as it is to the company.
The California Closets store will fit right in with stores like Pompanoosuc Mills, Design Within Reach, Baker, Abhaya, Just Scandinavian, and others that are close by.