within reach

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within reach

Almost attainable. This phrase can be used both literally and figuratively. A noun or pronoun can be used between "within" and "reach." Molly is on bed rest, so be sure to leave anything she’ll need within her reach. Studying will put your goal of getting an A in this class within reach.
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within someone's reach

 and within someone's grasp 
1. Lit. close enough to be grasped. The ball was almost within his reach!
2. Fig. almost in the possession of someone. My goals are almost within my reach, so I know I'll succeed. We almost had the contract within our grasp, but the deal fell through at the last minute.
See also: reach, within

within (easy) ˈreach (of something)

close to something: The house is within easy reach of schools and sports facilities.
See also: reach, within
References in classic literature ?
The person is within our reach. The person is in this neighborhood.
By genius I would understand that power or rather those powers of the mind, which are capable of penetrating into all things within our reach and knowledge, and of distinguishing their essential differences.
We even produce rice in Oyo state, therefore we must do all within our reach to encourage our farmers at all time.'
It's unalloyed good news that the North-East connects so easily to spectacular cities across Europe, and that, for all of us, far-flung countries are more easily within our reach. A good choice of flights brings new visitors, new business and new destinations winging their way to our region.
But a statement from Saddam read on Iraqi TV said: "Victory is within our reach. The criminals have used up all of the forces they brought to commit aggression against us."
Once we overcome them, the lucrative opportunity to participate in the Champion League shall be within our reach.
Zun teamed up with Jodi Rosen of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago to create Within Our Reach, a program to intervene at a time when a youth is scared, in pain or ready to make some lifestyle change.
Within Our Reach is most effective when it reaches victims right at the emergency room.
Intensive case management is at the heart of Within Our Reach, and its four full-time case managers have been on call every night since the program began.
``We are all disappointed but it is well within our reach to beat them,'' Lampard said.