within earshot

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within earshot

Close enough to clearly hear what someone says or does. They didn't realize I was within earshot when they were discussing my performance in school. Let's step outside—I don't want to fight while they're within earshot.
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*within earshot (of something)

close enough to something to hear it. (*Typically: be ~; come ~; get ~; move ~.) As soon as I got within earshot of the music, I decided that I really didn't belong there.
See also: earshot, within

within ˈearshot (of somebody/something)

near enough to hear somebody/something or to be heard: As she came within earshot of the group, she heard her name mentioned.
See also: earshot, within
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Last night was billed as theatre only, but ticket-holders turned up to find an optional buffet laid on for extra cash - a surprise to most, judging from the remarks within my earshot.
Within my earshot over the years it has usually been preceded or followed by a swear word.
There was a nasty edge to what was said within my earshot but I always made a point of shaking hands with the players who had verbally abused me when the full-time whistle blew.
Soon the officers approached the two men in turbans and their voices became louder, harsher, as they fired more questions at them than they had to anyone else within my earshot.
He had grudgingly accepted my reappearance, but had muttered within my earshot that my visits were unwelcome because he had to share his rations with me.
A startled co-worker, within my earshot, sympathetically answered, "Well, the kids were let go for teachers' meetings.