in/within living memory

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in/within living memory

In a recent enough time as to be remembered by people who are alive today. (Usually used in negative statements.) There hasn't been a blizzard like this in living memory!
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in (or within) living memory

within or during a time that is remembered by people still alive.
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in/within ˌliving ˈmemory

that can be remembered by people who are alive now: These are the worst floods in Britain within living memory.
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Within living memory came a five-day week and holiday pay.
The speech she made in the House of Lords recently, which urged more help for other cancer patients, has been rated one of the most moving within living memory at Westminster.
IT is within living memory a match against Manchester United was a mouth-watering prospect - sadly, in our current malaise, it is more like a mouth-drying prospect.
This seems a very long time ago but to put the time-span in context, it is just about within living memory. My late grandmother would have been eight in 1928.
The inquiry's remit covers events within living memory up to December 17, 2014, and will decide what happened and why and where the abuse took place.
We can't point to an Edwardian heritage of silverware or claim a title within living memory. It is not that long ago that Boro fans would make a strident case that the fabled Anglo-Scottish Cup was a prestigious international trophy that offered entry to the elite.
Life before the EU is well within living memory. But not for him because he is too young, so he has no experience of life at that time which makes him totally unqualified to make spurious forecasts.
Within living memory Western countries have fought real wars that killed millions of their citizens, and they didn't buckle under the strain.
"The early performances of The Beatles in the locale have legendary status yet remain within living memory, and it is great to see the billing size of The Beatles on this poster which reflects those heady times at the iconic Tower Ballroom."
South Wales suffers worst downpour, Nature Boy still on the run, David waits to meet the family, and much more make the news 52 years ago this week The Great Mop-up After 24 hours of anxiety caused by the worst flood to hit South Wales within living memory, Mr EC Roberts, Cardiff's city surveyor, had an encouraging message for the weary victims: "I don't think there is danger of further flooding at this moment."
So yes, there has been good news within living memory. Let Caligula's henchman wait.
THE extinction capital of the world, where nearly 300 species have vanished within living memory. Problems include pollution from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, habitat loss and newly introduced species which pose a threat to native ones.
This fascinating look into events still within living memory should have broad appeal.
How instructive, then, to be reminded at length by Colin Smith in this readable history that the last Anglo-Gallic armed conflict actually took place within living memory, cost thousands of lives, pitched recent Allies at each other's throats and has been effectively swept under the carpet for sheer embarrassment by both nations ever since.