in living memory

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in/within living memory

In a recent enough time as to be remembered by people who are alive today. (Usually used in negative statements.) There hasn't been a blizzard like this in living memory!
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in (or within) living memory

within or during a time that is remembered by people still alive.
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in/within ˌliving ˈmemory

that can be remembered by people who are alive now: These are the worst floods in Britain within living memory.
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The 53-year-old, who describes the 1914-18 conflict as 'the story of the century', said: "The First World War has only just ceased to be within living memory, the last trench soldiers have just died.
South Wales suffers worst downpour, Nature Boy still on the run, David waits to meet the family, and much more make the news 52 years ago this week The Great Mop-up After 24 hours of anxiety caused by the worst flood to hit South Wales within living memory, Mr EC Roberts, Cardiff's city surveyor, had an encouraging message for the weary victims: "I don't think there is danger of further flooding at this moment.
Within living memory we have gained the birth control pill, from all electrical outlets and on special offer at Argos.
So yes, there has been good news within living memory.
THE extinction capital of the world, where nearly 300 species have vanished within living memory.
This fascinating look into events still within living memory should have broad appeal.
How instructive, then, to be reminded at length by Colin Smith in this readable history that the last Anglo-Gallic armed conflict actually took place within living memory, cost thousands of lives, pitched recent Allies at each other's throats and has been effectively swept under the carpet for sheer embarrassment by both nations ever since.
After all, Kreisler wrote in baroque style and the famous Albinoni Adagio came from the hand of Giazotto within living memory.
Many of the headlines have focused on America electing its first black president, a truly sensational transformation in a country that practised vicious racial segregation within living memory.
You know that slavery was a heinous institution, an everlasting stain on this nation's honor; you also know that millions of African slaves came to America against their will and under unimaginably horrific conditions; you know that hundreds of thousands died before ever reaching American shores; you know that slave masters exploited their labor ruthlessly and had no qualms about destroying a slave family if they could turn a profit in the act; you know that the masters' power over their slaves was so immense that they could rape slave women without fear of legal consequences; finally, you know that the descendants of slaves were still being lynched, brutally and frequently, within living memory.
In this book he has taken a broad-brushed, big-pictured approach to Australian history within living memory, tracing the impact of economic change, shifts in expectations of government and the ways people live.
Within living memory the then inn keeper of the Ferry Inn also served as the ferryman but alas the river can no longer be crossed at this point.
Katalin Gonczol, the Ombudsman, is assisting the birth of a climate of human rights in a society which simply lacks a tradition of democratically enforceable rule of law within living memory.
For example, it would be useful for the study of Italian confraternities in pre-modern times to include also those areas that are no longer Italian, and especially Corsica, Nice, and Savoy, ceded to France in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, or the coasts and islands of Istria and Dalmatia, ceded within living memory to the ex-Yugoslavia.
Funnily enough, within living memory, Bournemouth was only associated with retired fish and chip shop owners; in that spirit the words 'hook, line and sinker' pretty much sum up Saturday.