within (one's) rights

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within (one's) rights

Being allowed by the law to do something or behave a certain way. I'm sorry, sir, but he's within his rights to put these signs on his lawn, even if you find them offensive. They were well within their rights to deny entry to the man, who they claimed was intoxicated and unruly.
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*within one's rights

acting legally in one's own interest. (*Typically: be ~; act ~.) I know I am within my rights when I make this request. You are not within your rights!
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within your ˈrights

having the moral or legal right to do something: They were acting perfectly within their rights when they refused to let you into their house.
See also: right, within
References in classic literature ?
Joe refused, keeping, as he well knew, within his rights.
They blamed U-Dor, though in fact he was well within his rights in directing his play as he saw fit, nor was a refusal on his part to engage the Black Chief necessarily an imputation of cowardice.
He is well within his rights to say what he said, but are you a man or a mouse?
Marco Bertolacci Unsure as to why he has taken the horse away from Cumani, but he is the owner and is well within his rights.
Scott is within his rights to ask for a transfer, as any player is, and we're within our rights to refuse that.
The High Court of Britain has ruled that the mayor of London was within his rights to ban bus ads from a Christian group suggesting that homosexuality can be cured.
Fair to say that it does not come as a surprise that Mr Modi is appealing and he is well within his rights to do so.
He is quite within his rights to do so, of course, and he is quite within his rights to play the final year of his contract and leave on a Bosman (for free).
He's within his rights to want Adam to stay until the summer.
However the Liverpudlian, who was unveiled as Sean Connor's successor on Friday, believes he was within his rights to take the Dundalk job.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: He can't force you to chop it down, but he is quite within his rights to cut off any branches that hang on his side of the boundary.
The manager is keen to keep Gera on board but is mindful the player is within his rights to explore all options.
If the board installed a new superintendent Villaraigosa didn't approve of, he would be well within his rights to fire him or her.
Supreme Court on April 17 declined to hear the case, upholding a federal appellate court ruling that Lamparello was within his rights to create the "gripe site" because it did not seek to make money on Falwell's name.
The Professional Footballers' Association are keeping a watchful eye from afar on events at Old Trafford and insist Ferdinand is well within his rights to put off talks.