within earshot

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within earshot

Close enough to clearly hear what someone says or does. They didn't realize I was within earshot when they were discussing my performance in school. Let's step outside—I don't want to fight while they're within earshot.
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*within earshot (of something)

close enough to something to hear it. (*Typically: be ~; come ~; get ~; move ~.) As soon as I got within earshot of the music, I decided that I really didn't belong there.
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within ˈearshot (of somebody/something)

near enough to hear somebody/something or to be heard: As she came within earshot of the group, she heard her name mentioned.
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As an effect of him not knowing what he came to speak on, virtually everyone within his earshot did not buy into his jaded and monotonous presentation.
He was in one cell and his wife and daughter were being raped and tortured within his earshot in the cell next door.
He claimed an officer in the City of London force repeated a story about a member of the public and used the phrase "black b***" within his earshot.
A couple of girls giggle as he tries to open the collapsible door, saying loudly within his earshot, "Is he going to get in there?"
Describing the former editor of Radio 4's Today show, Rod Liddle, as a member of the great and the good would not necessarily be inaccurate, but doing so within his earshot might prompt him to throw you out of the nearest window - as David Williamson discovered
He followed it with a bogey six and blamed the first dropped shots on a fan ripping open the velcro on a bag within his earshot.
He blamed the first of the sixes on a spectator ripping open the velcro on a bag within his earshot, but he regrouped to birdie the fourth and fifth.