within (one's) rights

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within (one's) rights

Being allowed by the law to do something or behave a certain way. I'm sorry, sir, but he's within his rights to put these signs on his lawn, even if you find them offensive. They were well within their rights to deny entry to the man, who they claimed was intoxicated and unruly.
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*within one's rights

acting legally in one's own interest. (*Typically: be ~; act ~.) I know I am within my rights when I make this request. You are not within your rights!
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within your ˈrights

having the moral or legal right to do something: They were acting perfectly within their rights when they refused to let you into their house.
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NORTH NIGERIA--The Mark Boat was within her right in warning you off the Reserve.
The prosecutor's office decided not to sue the woman, deeming her act passive and harmless and deciding that she was within her rights within the scope of freedom of expression.
. LSJ is furious with a bus driver: "The nippy sweety might have been within her rights to force my wee grand-daughter to jump through hoops but is there not any room for common sense and compassion?"
Police say it appears the homeowner was within her rights to shoot the suspect, but they are still investigating.
And while Swainby, who have played at the ground for around 30 years, accept that the owner is within her rights, they are facing up to the future without a ground and therefore possibly without a club.
Legally she is quite within her rights to evict her parents.