within grasp

*within one's grasp

1. Lit. where one can grasp something with one's hand. (*Typically: be ~;, get ~; get something ~.) The rope was within his grasp, but he was too weak to reach for it.
2. . Fig. [for something] to be obtainable; [for a goal] to be almost won. (Does not involve grabbing or grasping. *Typically: be ~; get ~; get something ~.) Victory is within our grasp, so we must keep playing the game to win. Her goal is within her grasp at last.
See also: grasp, within
References in classic literature ?
These last now hoist the bucket within grasp of the Indian, to whom another person has reached up a very long pole.
He had stern words for the forwards, there was going to be pain, but no one should go out on to that field without the conviction that the prize was in sight and within grasp.
AQUARIUS Jan 20- Feb 18 You may need to think on a different line to get a problem within grasp.
Major conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and elsewhere seem endless, with no realistic solution within grasp.
Great achievements lie within grasp in the league and Scottish Cup and Shinnie, Aberdeen-bound in the summer, is determined to drive the club on to their greatest season as his swansong.
The process of new account application, review, and approval is very much in transition, with smarter, more efficient tools in development, and integration between banking channels no longer a dream but almost within grasp.
Within grasp Froman said there was now an opportunity to narrow differences ahead of leaders meetings in Asia in coming weeks.
Hoping to make sure that dream of a Premier League return remains within grasp next season is Sefton Park's skipper Richie Forsyth, who like his opposite number on Saturday is relishing the weekend's match.
The League Cup has been won and the Scottish Cup is within grasp while the Dons can boost their bid for second spot in the Premiership with a win at Hibs tomorrow.
Heading into the final race of seven, on the final day, just four points sepA[degrees]arated the top four boats, with The Wave, Muscat, SAP Extreme Sailing Team, Alinghi and Emirates Team New Zealand within grasp of the top spot on the podium.
Now, heading into the fifth and final Test match in Sydney, however, the whitewash is within grasp, just another few days of tough, unrelenting, in-your-face action that Australia have produced time and again over the past four games.
For those willing to pursue lesser bulls (public-lands Eastern Oregon and Washington, or North Idaho) or pack deep into difficult wilderness (public-lands Colorado in select units), yearly elk hunting is still within grasp.
For the Bears, with challengers Sussex enduring a poor day at Hove, that title is almost within grasp.