within grasp

*within one's grasp

1. Lit. where one can grasp something with one's hand. (*Typically: be ~;, get ~; get something ~.) The rope was within his grasp, but he was too weak to reach for it.
2. . Fig. [for something] to be obtainable; [for a goal] to be almost won. (Does not involve grabbing or grasping. *Typically: be ~; get ~; get something ~.) Victory is within our grasp, so we must keep playing the game to win. Her goal is within her grasp at last.
See also: grasp, within
References in classic literature ?
These last now hoist the bucket within grasp of the Indian, to whom another person has reached up a very long pole.
He improves so rapidly that his absurd dream of Rescue and Evac is within grasp, especially after a sparkling performance at the General's Cup, the annual flying competition showcasing the best of the college philosophers.
And now, seemingly in the wink of an eye, its exit is here, inevitable, imminent, as surely as December has 31 days and the New Year is just hours away, within grasp.
McCulloch said: "The Scotland manager's job is such a massive job - it is the pinnacle of your managerial career - so anybody would look at it if it was available and within grasp.
Finding new metrics for financial inclusion is an ambitious agenda - but one which is within grasp if all the stakeholders are on the same page.
A win over Iraq will give the UAE 16 points, putting them within grasp of a second-placed finish, providing they improve on a two-goal deficit as Saudi Arabia and Australia both have six goals each.
It's within grasp, but we'll have to wait until next week for what will hopefully be a grand finale.
As he hosted Abbas in Washington, Trump confidently predicted that a peace agreement was within grasp, brushing aside the complexities of the decades-old conflict that has bedevilled successive US leaders.
Having inherited a squad of just four players when he took the reins last summer, TJ Young's debut season at 1st Bangor has been a huge success, with a return to the top flight rubber-stamped weeks ago and the club within grasp of silverware.
But I remain hopeful that a more promising future for Bosnia and Herzegovina is within grasp.
That initial image of an elusive guru--physically within grasp, yet fundamentally unreachable--will always be my defining concept of Cohen, but he lived many lives prior to his death on Nov.
The country's head coach was philosophical at the final whistle - but defiant, too, suggesting qualification from Group D is still within grasp.
But as long as Pacquiao trains diligently the desired outcome is within grasp.
Her win in Cape Town further emboldened her sense that a medal is within grasp.
South Sudan stability is within grasp of its people, but it is time to identify the spoilers, especially those with long track record and stem them out.