within earshot

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within earshot

Close enough to clearly hear what someone says or does. They didn't realize I was within earshot when they were discussing my performance in school. Let's step outside—I don't want to fight while they're within earshot.
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*within earshot (of something)

close enough to something to hear it. (*Typically: be ~; come ~; get ~; move ~.) As soon as I got within earshot of the music, I decided that I really didn't belong there.
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within ˈearshot (of somebody/something)

near enough to hear somebody/something or to be heard: As she came within earshot of the group, she heard her name mentioned.
See also: earshot, within
References in classic literature ?
Bhai!" would draw them from the forest at noon if they were within ear shot. The Himalayan black bear, moody and suspicious--Sona, who has the V-shaped white mark under his chin--passed that way more than once; and since the Bhagat showed no fear, Sona showed no anger, but watched him, and came closer, and begged a share of the caresses, and a dole of bread or wild berries.
But at all three performances I attended he seemed to make believers of any within ear shot. Just like that, we were back in mid-18thcentury France.
As long as someone is within ear shot, the 125 decibel alarm will bring them the help that they need.”
In 2007 it was alleged that Emre had used racially aggravated abusive and/or insulting words towards Yobo - within ear shot of his team-mates - during Everton's 3-0 victory over Newcastle.
It is inconceivable Le Guen has ever come within ear shot of the rhythmic roar of a Lambeg drum during his football career.
Referees and players are human beings like the rest of us and no doubt, if they're within ear shot, feel the pain of a public humiliation.
``I believe there is often an intrusion of liberty during visits, and patients complain there are always hospital staff within ear shot when they talk to family and friends.''
Officials feel compelled to punish you for this, especially if it is within ear shot of the crowd.
I do not know his name, but he is an elderly man who stands on one of two or three different street corners reciting biblical verses and teachings to anyone within ear shot. Anyone who frequents downtown Edmonton cannot miss him, though many of us may well regard him as a nuisance, and perhaps as someone whose common sense we might question.
Right now, the worst thing any manager could do is remind an outstanding employee, within ear shot of a half dozen contingencies, that he or she should be grateful to have a permanent job.
It is also safe to assume his Spanish is a little better today after spending early afternoon always within ear shot of the former Valencia man.
It stays under imaginary lock and key at the back of my mind, filed in a personal safe entitled 'one to tell the grand children' - and anyone else within ear shot when the subject of George Best now arises.
The section of The Paddock and Main Stand that was within ear shot cheered and applauded, while Liverpool's play upped a notch before the interval, giving them a platform to attack in the second period.
Until yesterday mentioning the South Africans to Hickie was like uttering the word "deregulation" within ear shot of a taxi driver.