within cooee

within cooee of (something)

Close to something, either literally or figuratively. "Cooee" is an Aboriginal word. Primarily heard in Australia, Ireland. There's a store within cooee of the house, so I can easily go and get more milk. Unfortunately, we are not within cooee of meeting the sales goal for this quarter.
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within ˈcooee (of)

(AustralE, New Zealand) not far (from): There’s loads of cheap accommodation within cooee of the airport. ♢ (figurative) The government is not within cooee of reaching the growth targets.
Cooee is a noise a person makes as a way of attracting somebody’s attention.
See also: cooee, within
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That year, Giacomo was unfortunate when she dropped her rig within cooee of the finish line.
For example: "I've about as much chance as getting within Cooee of Kylie at a wet T-Shirt barbie.
And you should definitely put the city library on your itinerary if you are ever fortunate enough to be within cooee of Malmo.
Hovering within cooee of this statement was the nation's battalion of brave, bronzed guardian angels, the mythical and legendary Anzac spirits who had been invoked ten months earlier at the New South Wales state funeral for Ted Matthews.