within a stone's throw

within a stone's throw (of someone or something)

Very close (to someone or something); only a short distance away (from someone or something). Brad wanted a shorter commute, so he moved to a new house that's within a stone's throw of his office. This house is absolutely beautiful, and the beach is within a stone's throw! The police officer was within a stone's throw of us, but thankfully he didn't see us hiding in the shadows.
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within a stone's throw (of something)

 and (just) a stone's throw away (from something); (just) a stone's throw (from something)
Fig. very close (to something). (Possibly as close as the distance one could throw a stone. It usually refers to a distance much greater than one could throw a stone.) The police department was located within a stone's throw of our house. We live in Carbondale, and that's just a stone's throw away from the Mississippi River. Come visit. We live just a stone's throw away.
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No longer can communities afford to have two sawmills within a stone's throw of one another, with both running one shift each.
Located in a region of the Fornax cluster examined by a slew of other telescopes, UDF "takes us to within a stone's throw of the Big
Some of the country's finest beaches are within a stone's throw and there is far less traffic than in most large cities, an enviable quality of life.
The space is within a stone's throw of the Westin and Hilton hotels, the Ford Theatre, New Amsterdam Theatre, and numerous off-Broadway venues.