withhold from

withhold something from (someone or an animal)

to hold something back or in reserve from someone or an animal. We withheld some of the food from the guests. I had to withhold some food from the dog so there would be enough for tomorrow.
References in classic literature ?
I tried to stifle these sensations; I thought that as I could not sympathize with him, I had no right to withhold from him the small portion of happiness which was yet in my power to bestow.
The new withholding tables will tell employers and payroll administrators how much less in federal income taxes to withhold from workers' wages.
counterpart and is intended to equal withholding tax that a Canadian corporation would withhold from dividends paid to foreign shareholders.
Therefore, Nortem intends to withhold from the final liquidating distribution at the general Dutch tax withholding rate (25% of the Dutch "dividend" amount) with respect to all shareholders; after the liquidating distribution, a shareholder eligible for treaty benefits will be entitled to file for a refund of amounts withheld in excess of the applicable treaty rates with the Dutch tax authorities in The Netherlands.
The successor must keep the transferred Forms W-4 and W-5 on file, and deduct and withhold from the wages it pays to the acquired employees according to the information supplied on those forms, until an employee submits a revised form.
So how do individuals know how much they should withhold from their paycheck given the new tax law changes?
Penalties for failure to withhold from eligible rollover distributions made after Dec.