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withhold something from (someone or an animal)

to hold something back or in reserve from someone or an animal. We withheld some of the food from the guests. I had to withhold some food from the dog so there would be enough for tomorrow.
References in classic literature ?
After many adventures which I need not describe, and after traveling a distance which I will not mention, in a direction which I withhold, we came at last to a tract of country which has never been described, nor, indeed, visited save by my unfortunate predecessor.
Not any passenger that sailed in the Quaker City will withhold his endorsement of what I have just said.
Art will still withhold herself from thrift, and she does well, for nothing but love has any right to her.
One cannot at least withhold a reluctant admiration for the wit that had conceived so bold a scheme, and the fell [deadly] genius with which it was carried out.
She is ever disposed to find fault with them; they can seldom do any thing to please her; she is never better pleased than when she sees them under the lash, especially when she suspects her husband of showing to his mulatto children favors which he withholds from his black slaves.
the transferee) is treated as a withholding agent and generally required to withhold a tax equal to 10% of the amount realized by the foreign seller upon disposition of the USRP interest, provided the amount realized is greater than zero (Regs.
In addition, the section imposes additional filing requirements for payroll providers who withhold Illinois Income Tax for employers during the year and who are subject to magnetic media filings under 26 CFR 301.
It mandates that federal, state and local governments withhold 3 percent from payments for goods and services.
The new withholding tables will tell employers and payroll administrators how much less in federal income taxes to withhold from workers' wages.
However, the partnership is required to withhold tax on the income of foreign partners which they then claim as a prepayment on their tax returns.
All comments used in Feedback must be signed, but we withhold names on request.
Anne makes the difficult choice to withhold treatment, and the infant's soul is released from his imperfect body.
Know the side effects and know when to withhold medications and notify the physician.
In the managed FFS model, the traditional FFS payment arrangement dominates, but there is a withhold that is returned if utilization is conservative.