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withhold (something) from (someone or something)

To not allow someone or an animal access to something. I can't believe you withheld that information from me! You've got to start withholding food from your dog or he is going to become dangerously overweight. The company has had to withhold severance pay from all its former employees as a part of its liquidation.
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withhold something from (someone or an animal)

to hold something back or in reserve from someone or an animal. We withheld some of the food from the guests. I had to withhold some food from the dog so there would be enough for tomorrow.
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Partnerships are required to withhold income tax on effectively connected taxable income deemed allocable to foreign partners.
The certificate authorizes the purchaser to withhold (and remit) an amount less than the 15% FIRPTA withholding tax.
A payor of U.S.-sourced income to a nonresident alien is generally required to deduct and withhold 30% of the amount of the payment, unless a lower treaty rate applies.
Comelec also argued that the exemption did not distinguish what kind of tax it is exempted from, and given that the withholding tax is still a tax, it should not be faulted for its failure to withhold such tax.
If the application is still pending with the IRS on the date of sale, the transferee must withhold the correct amount of tax, but the amount withheld does not have to be reported and paid immediately.
In addition, the section imposes additional filing requirements for payroll providers who withhold Illinois Income Tax for employers during the year and who are subject to magnetic media filings under 26 CFR 301.60112.
It mandates that federal, state and local governments withhold 3 percent from payments for goods and services.
Agencies would no longer be required to withhold 5% of the amount due under a time-and-materials or labor-hour contract if the Federal Acquisition Regulation councils adopt a proposed rule.
The new withholding tables will tell employers and payroll administrators how much less in federal income taxes to withhold from workers' wages.
All comments used in Feedback must be signed, but we withhold names on request.
Anne makes the difficult choice to withhold treatment, and the infant's soul is released from his imperfect body.
Know the side effects and know when to withhold medications and notify the physician.
The most recent answer to such problems, which may well become standard practice, is to sedate these patients into complete unconsciousness and to withhold nutrition and hydration until they die.
To eliminate the underwithholding, the taxpayers could either instruct one of the employers to withhold an additional specific amount per pay period or to withhold at the higher withholding rates for a single rather than a married taxpayer.