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withdraw from something

1. to depart from something physically. I withdrew from the smoky room and ran to the open window to get some air. I withdrew from the unpleasant-looking cafe and looked for something more to my liking.
2. . to end one's association with someone or something. I decided to withdraw from all my professional organizations. I had to withdraw from the association because the dues had become too high.
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withdraw into oneself

to become introverted; to concern oneself with one's inner thoughts. After a few years of being ignored, she withdrew into herself. I have to struggle to keep from withdrawing into myself.
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withdraw into something

to pull back into something. The turtle withdrew into its shell. The mouse withdrew into its hole.
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withdraw someone from something

1. to pull someone out of something physically. She withdrew the child from the water just in time. I had to withdraw my child from the kindergarten room. He was having such a good time, he wouldn't leave on his own.
2. . to remove someone from an organization or a nomination. The committee withdrew John from nomination and put up someone else. I withdrew my son from kindergarten.
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withdraw something from someone or something

to pull something out of someone or something. She withdrew the book from the stack. I withdrew the splinter from Dave carefully.
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withdraw something into something

to pull something back into something. The turtle withdrew its head into its shell. It then withdrew its feet into the shell also.
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go, retreat, withdraw, etc. into your ˈshell

become more shy and avoid talking to other people: If you ask him about his family, he goes into his shell.
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In PB-16 Loralai, Kalimullah Nasar has withdrawn his papers.
Because the consequences of peer isolation can be severe, it may be particularly important for withdrawn youth to develop and participate in friendships through organized sports, play dates, and other such activities.
Services 501/503: Halifax -Elland -Huddersfield [Orange Line] Some early morning and late evening journeys on these services will be withdrawn.
The proposed regulations should be withdrawn for a number of reasons.
You can't say autistic children are withdrawn, because they were never there.
Class B2 (073250CA8) affirmed at 'Csf/RE NC' and withdrawn.
The following TIP has been withdrawn by the Working Group from the Corrugated Process Control and Quality Assurance Subject Category due to outdated information:
We recommend that the ruling be withdrawn for its lack of clarity.
Fitch has taken the following actions and withdrawn the following ratings:
The following Test Method has been withdrawn by the Quality and Standards Management Committee due to lack of progress in their review:
neither the decedent nor her spouse notified the trustee in writing that any subsequent transfers could be withdrawn by any of the beneficiaries.
MONTERREY, Mexico -- Fitch Ratings has affirmed and simultaneously withdrawn Banco Inbursa's ratings as indicated in the list at the end of this commentary.
T 842 "Corrugated Board Glue Bond Wet Shear Test" has been withdrawn by the Standard-Specific Interest Group responsible for this method.
On the other hand, a retirement may be abnormal if the asset is withdrawn at an earlier time or under other circumstances, as, for example, when the asset has been damaged by casualty or has lost its usefulness suddenly as the result extraordinary obsolescence.