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withdraw from something

1. to depart from something physically. I withdrew from the smoky room and ran to the open window to get some air. I withdrew from the unpleasant-looking cafe and looked for something more to my liking.
2. . to end one's association with someone or something. I decided to withdraw from all my professional organizations. I had to withdraw from the association because the dues had become too high.
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withdraw into oneself

to become introverted; to concern oneself with one's inner thoughts. After a few years of being ignored, she withdrew into herself. I have to struggle to keep from withdrawing into myself.
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withdraw into something

to pull back into something. The turtle withdrew into its shell. The mouse withdrew into its hole.
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withdraw someone from something

1. to pull someone out of something physically. She withdrew the child from the water just in time. I had to withdraw my child from the kindergarten room. He was having such a good time, he wouldn't leave on his own.
2. . to remove someone from an organization or a nomination. The committee withdrew John from nomination and put up someone else. I withdrew my son from kindergarten.
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withdraw something from someone or something

to pull something out of someone or something. She withdrew the book from the stack. I withdrew the splinter from Dave carefully.
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withdraw something into something

to pull something back into something. The turtle withdrew its head into its shell. It then withdrew its feet into the shell also.
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go, retreat, withdraw, etc. into your ˈshell

become more shy and avoid talking to other people: If you ask him about his family, he goes into his shell.
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Management believes that the Withdrawable Trust Income provides useful information to investors because it presents income and cash flow when earned by the trusts.
There are three types of share used by Australian building societies, withdrawable shares, permanent shares and redeemable shares.
With regard to building societies, the major source of residential mortgages, cash reserves and liquid asset requirements were introduced for the first time in June 1995 at 1% and 5%, respectively, of average deposits and withdrawable shares;
accumulation annuity, an RRSP and a RRIF will be protected for up to $200,000 of life insurance and for up to the following withdrawable amounts:
The court pointed out that section 591 provides that a building and loan association may deduct amounts paid or credited to depositors as interest if such amounts are withdrawable on demand.
The other components of M2 are essentially withdrawable on demand and can be repriced at any time.
Qualifying deposits include any deposit, withdrawable account or repurchasable share.
II-31 Internet: A Rich Source of Information on Transformers II-32 Types of Transformers II-32 Power Transformers II-32 Functions of a Power Transformer II-32 Distribution Transformers II-32 Others II-33 Switchgear: Definition II-34 Withdrawable Switchgear: II-34 Switchboard Apparatus II-35 Insulation Medium Remain Vital in Switchgears II-35 End-Use Analysis II-35 Key End-Users of Electric Power T&D Equipment II-36
Limited Tenders are invited for Conductivity Analyser Withdrawable Type - 2.
Factors affecting our analysis include, among others, number, size and timing of closing of acquisitions, funeral contract volumes, average revenue per funeral service, cemetery interment volumes, preneed cemetery sales, capital expenditures, execution of our funeral and cemetery Standards Operating Model, Strategic Acquisition Model, Withdrawable Trust Income and changes in Federal Reserve monetary policy.
We are calling upon the EU to assure that all forms of public health research will survive and be able to function within the current safeguards, including the so-called withdrawable ' one-time consent' already accepted in the Clinical Trials Regulation, without adding a nearly impossible burden of re-consenting each patient, every time, for every single project, which could irreversibly slow down the accelerated pace that cancer research has gained over the past decades.
To open this new withdrawable account, called Tier-II, a subscriber has to make a minimum contribution of Rs 1,000.
The original specification for this project, which was written by Dai Al Hand Consultants, had, in fact, called for withdrawable switchgear.
In recent years, the Desk has greatly curtailed its use of withdrawable term RPs, and in 1999 none were arranged.
The investors expect the entity to be operated for their financial benefit and to provide them with withdrawable or otherwise realizable gains.