withdraw into

withdraw into (oneself)

To retreat into one's mind or otherwise isolate oneself so as to avoid undesirable thoughts, situations, or interactions with people. After getting mugged, he withdrew into himself and didn't speak to anyone for nearly a week. I'm not good around large groups of people. I usually get overwhelmed and just withdraw into myself. Don't withdraw into yourself just because you don't want an argument—talk to me!
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withdraw into (something)

1. To retreat, retract, or shrink back into something or some place. The clam withdraws into its shell when it senses a threat. The soldiers withdrew into the jungle after their assault on the enemy camp. This kind of spider withdraws into its burrow and waits for prey to pass by.
2. To pull or retract something back into something or some place. I withdrew my hands into the sleeves of my sweatshirt to keep them warm. Cats are able to retract their claws into their toe pads.
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withdraw something into something

to pull something back into something. The turtle withdrew its head into its shell. It then withdrew its feet into the shell also.
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withdraw into something

to pull back into something. The turtle withdrew into its shell. The mouse withdrew into its hole.
See also: withdraw
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