withdraw from

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withdraw someone from something

1. to pull someone out of something physically. She withdrew the child from the water just in time. I had to withdraw my child from the kindergarten room. He was having such a good time, he wouldn't leave on his own.
2. . to remove someone from an organization or a nomination. The committee withdrew John from nomination and put up someone else. I withdrew my son from kindergarten.
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withdraw something from someone or something

to pull something out of someone or something. She withdrew the book from the stack. I withdrew the splinter from Dave carefully.
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withdraw from something

1. to depart from something physically. I withdrew from the smoky room and ran to the open window to get some air. I withdrew from the unpleasant-looking cafe and looked for something more to my liking.
2. . to end one's association with someone or something. I decided to withdraw from all my professional organizations. I had to withdraw from the association because the dues had become too high.
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But if he could prove otherwise, Lim said it should be Estrada who should withdraw from the race.
Ban was quoted by AN NAHAR as saying that the Israeli government has accepted his request to withdraw from al-Ghajar.
Attorneys representing clients in matters pending before a court have an additional responsibility to obtain the court's permission before they can withdraw from representation.
An attorney shall not be permitted to withdraw from an action unless the withdrawal is approved by the court.
At trial, the evidence as to whether the firm had had "good cause" to withdraw from the engagement was disputed.
It also upheld the auditor's right to withdraw from an engagement when the client requests conduct that is not in keeping with GAAP or GAAS.
The beneficiaries, who did not possess a substantial current or future economic interest in the trust corpus, had the right under the trust document to withdraw from the settlor's contributions to the trust an amount not exceeding the $10,000 annual limitation.