with your eyes open

with eyes open

With full knowledge or awareness. A noun or pronoun can be used between "with" and "eyes." "Wide" is often used before "open." If you don't sign this contract with eyes open, you're going to get yourself into trouble. Some guys forget to go out there with their eyes open, and they're the ones who end up getting hurt.
See also: eye, open

with your eyes open (or with open eyes)

fully aware of the risks and other implications of an action or situation.
1999 Salman Rushdie The Ground Beneath Her Feet I've always liked to stick my face right up against the hot sweaty broken surface of what was being done, with my eyes open.
See also: eye, open

with your ˈeyes open

knowing what you are doing, what to expect, and what the results may be: If a marriage is to work, both partners must go into it with their eyes open.
See also: eye, open
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To do this, you have to first practice putting with your eyes open at a range of ten feet from the hole.