with (one's) eyes shut

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with (one's) eyes shut

With very little or no difficulty; in a relaxed, carefree, or effortless manner. It took me a little while to get used to this job, but now I could do it with my eyes shut! You should ask Johnny for help—he does this level of math with his eyes shut.
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with your eyes shut (or closed)

1 without having to make much effort; easily. 2 without considering the possible difficulties or consequences.
1 1994 New Scientist I can knock off pages of eco-babble for the UN with my eyes shut.
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(be able to do something) with your ˈeyes shut/closed

(be able to do something) very easily, especially because you have done it many times before: She’s driven up to Scotland so often that she can do it with her eyes shut.
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You can't hit anything unless you take aim and fire from the shoulder; but these chaps fired from the hip with their eyes shut. The retreat, I maintained-- and I was right--was caused by the screeching of the steam-whistle.
He raised questions over why no one was talking about Arun Jaitley and Manohar Parrikar who were also spotted with their eyes shut. He shared a picture showing both the ministers with their eyes closed.
A second test found that people who couldn't balance on one leg with their eyes shut for more than two seconds, were three times more likely to die early than those who could manage it for 10.
Most people can recount the story of the ship's fateful voyage with their eyes shut - the lack of lifeboats, the poor who perished and the first-class passengers who escaped.
Do they go around with their eyes shut? If I was a councillor in Foleshill or Hillfields I would be ashamed.
There can be many reasons for this, but unless people have walked around with their eyes shut they can't fail to have noticed some extraordinary additions to the university's town centre campus in recent years - most notably the imposing Creative Arts building on Queensgate and the new business school on Firth Street.
Whoever was responsible for the present lane markings must have done them with their eyes shut.
It's just a shame that they seem to be travelling with their eyes shut - blind to the problems which affect the folk they are supposed to be helping.
WHEN England step onto the pitch against Austria on Saturday our team should be good enough to win with their eyes shut.
Prediction: If Merthyr emulate the form they showed against Tamworth, they will win this one with their eyes shut - Merthyr win.
They include checking the size of a driver's pupils against a chart and asking motorists to stand on one leg for 30 seconds, walk a straight line or touch their nose with their eyes shut.
Do council/highway bosses go around with their eyes shut, or are they like the workmen who made this terrible mess, and don't care?
Students have found a way to make money that's so easy they've been doing it with their eyes shut.
As he sat on a chair in front of each girl, the rest were forced to sit in their seats with their eyes shut.
As Venus marched past Lindsay Davenport and her sister Serena dismissed Jennifer Capriati to reach the semi-finals yet again, the concern must be that either could win with their eyes shut.
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