with (one's) bare hands

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with (one's) bare hands

Using only one's hands. The term typically means without tools, etc., but can also mean without the machinery that would normally be expected to be used in the task being discussed. We had no shovel so we dug the hole with our bare hands. Can you believe she sanded all that wood with her bare hands, using only sandpaper?
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bare hands, with one's

With one's hands but without tools, weapons, or other implements. For example, Jean assembled the new stove with her bare hands. This phrase, first recorded in 1604, extends the literal meaning, "with uncovered (that is, without gloves) and hence unprotected hands," to "unaided by implements."
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with your bare hands

COMMON If you do something with your bare hands, you do it without using any weapons or tools. If I thought you'd hurt him, I'd kill you now with my bare hands. Rescue workers and residents were digging through tonnes of mud with their bare hands yesterday in search of survivors. Note: You can also say that someone does something bare-handed. A man has wrestled a two-metre crocodile bare-handed in a north Queensland river to save his pet dog from its jaws. Note: This expression is used to emphasize that the thing done is difficult or dangerous.
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with your bare ˈhands

with your hands only, without any tools or weapons: He said he’d killed a crocodile with his bare hands!
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References in classic literature ?
Kill anything you can, and so revenge yourself on those who with their bare hands untied could do as much to you!'
There were the wool-pluckers, whose hands went to pieces even sooner than the hands of the pickle men; for the pelts of the sheep had to be painted with acid to loosen the wool, and then the pluckers had to pull out this wool with their bare hands, till the acid had eaten their fingers off.
"Karate is not just an art of fighting or sport it is a discipline and a way of life, he added." After the awards ceremony the students gave a fabulous demonstration Katas (both with weapons and bare hands) in front of the dignitaries by breaking marble slabs with their bare hands, and tiles with their foreheads etc, which is not just the indicator of physical strength and endurance but also the confidence with which a student gains with training.
And they're rebuilding themselves with their bare hands. They're moving the rubble with their bare hands." ( ANI )
This perfidy with the blood of thousands of Palestinians who sacrificed not only their own lives but also those of their loved ones, fighting with their bare hands against the illegal occupation of Palestine and the brutal atrocities committed by Israel.
Activists uploaded the eight-minute footage to YouTube which showed a group of men digging frantically with their bare hands to free the youngster.
MISS Wales contestants geared up for the final competition this weekend - by breaking wooden boards with their bare hands.
to 2 a.m., 18 1/2 hours a day, seven days a week, in 104-degree temperatures, handling toxic chemicals with their bare hands, and paid as little as 13 cents an hour?"
Passers-by clawed at the earth with their bare hands in a desperate attempt to reach Caroline Palser.
He was finally saved yesterday -his fifth birthday - by an Army team, who dug a connecting shaft with their bare hands from a parallel abandoned well.
He and another police officer, known only as Fidoe, were drawn to a spot by the sound of a young boy singing 'God Save the King!' from under the rubble, and they dug tirelessly with their bare hands until they rescued six people and the boy.
Rescuers dug with their bare hands in freezing weather to find people feared trapped following yesterday's roof collapse at a German skating rink that killed at least nine people, including six children.
You can clean all you want but you can't change the behavior of someone across the room who's touching food with their bare hands. You can't throw on a glove and then try to work with your grill and burn yourself because you're not used to wearing a glove.
Instead they resorted to digging with their bare hands to find just some small token...
The event will include weapons displays and athletes smashing breeze blocks with their bare hands.
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