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Hence, it will result that the administration, the political counsels, and the judicial decisions of the national government will be more wise, systematical, and judicious than those of individual States, and consequently more satisfactory with respect to other nations, as well as more SAFE with respect to us.
Many declared themselves of his opinion, and the court took its measures with respect to us from these uncertain and ungrounded rumours.
Implementing the international standards in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism funding is a priority with respect to us since such would protect our society and economy from crimes and enhance the safety of our financial and banking sector," said Salameh.
Axon Partners LLP acted as Indian legal counsel for the Join Book Runners and Lead Manager while Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy were the legal counsels with respect to US law.
The spokesman while correcting the record, with respect to US drone Airstrikes in Pakistan, notwithstanding the fact that they targeted and eliminated terrorists, President Musharraf viewed them a violation of Pakistans sovereignty and had repeatedly proposed to the United States Government that drone technology be transferred to Pakistans Armed forces to deploy when needed.
These forward-looking statements include our 2006 guidance with respect to US Mortgage Insurance Operations' losses incurred and expense ratio, and our consolidated investment portfolio yield, stock based compensation expenses and tax rate.
The priority, with respect to us, is reaching a consensual law, starting from the hybrid one already presented by House Speaker Nabih Berri.
We have conveyed our view point to US with respect to US drone attacks that such attacks are intolerable in the perspective of solidarity and sovereignty of Pakistan.
Such statements may include forward-looking statements both with respect to us in general and the insurance and reinsurance sectors specifically, both as to underwriting and investment matters.
life reinsurance business of Allianz Life, (14) regulatory action that may be taken by state Departments of Insurance with respect to us, MetLife, or its subsidiaries, (15) changes in laws, regulations, and accounting standards applicable to us, our subsidiaries, or our business, and (16) other risks and uncertainties described in this document and in our other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Accordingly, with respect to US and Canadian Normandy shareholders, the offer commences today.
On February 24, 1999 the Court granted DWIN's summary judgment motion on the basis of non-infringement with respect to US Patent Number 4,876,596, one of the two patents Faroudja asserted against DWIN.