with respect to

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with respect to (someone or something)

In reference to; considering. With respect to that proposal, I think we should postpone it for now.
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with respect to someone or something

of or about someone or something. With respect to radiation, this power plant is very safe. This article examines experiments with respect to ethical issues.
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RESOLVED: That with respect to standards relating to the preparation and issuance of audit reports not included within the resolution on the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, the AICPA auditing standards board is hereby designated as the body authorized under rules 201 and 202 to promulgate auditing, attestation, and quality control standards and procedures.
On the favorable side, there is a greater degree of certainty with respect to the tax treatment of those subsequent elections that are specifically authorized under the new provision.
an index of less than 20 stocks), it is treated as a separate position with respect to each of the stocks the value of which the position reflects.
With respect to percent change in the number who entered or returned to competitive employment each year (Figure 8), individuals with severe physical disabilities experienced a substantial increase over the period 1977 - 1984 (19.
On the other hand, if the Eastern plume were to surface at some other point on the plate, then this hotspot would have to have moved with respect to the Western one.
PwC completed and submitted to the SEC, the NYAG and the NYSID its report with respect to advisory fees and conduits.
Particularly for public companies, however, a protective disclosure will normally be advisable; for imposition of a Nondisclosure Penalty with respect to a LT must be reported to the SEC, and a failure to do that will trigger a separate, additional Nondisclosure Penalty.
With respect to the "Criteria" category, the average scores for each submission was 3.
Is the purchase considered a joint, closely held business investment that could affect the firm's independence with respect to the audit client?
The Federal Reserve's principal objective has been to assure that any agreement that might be negotiated contain a strong protection for the prudential actions of regulators, with respect to both individual institutions and the stability of the financial system itself.
To the extent that the financial condition of an institution deteriorates after the deposit is accepted, the "passthrough" coverage with respect to that deposit is not jeopardized; it is set at the time of deposit.
69 per $1,000 principal amount with respect to the 12 7/8% Senior Secured Notes due 2008 and $1,075.
In the Third Protocol to the Convention between Canada and the United States with Respect to Taxes on Income and Capital signed in 1995, the United States and Canada announced a general reduction in the withholding taxes on dividends, interest, and certain royalties.
From a practical standpoint, the beneficiaries' ability to remove trustees is often their sole leverage in assuring that adequate or quality service is provided with respect to the trust.
As previously announced, EOP Operating Limited Partnership has already received the requisite consents sought with respect to each series of Notes under the 1995 Indenture.