in/with regard to somebody/something

(redirected from with regard to somebody)

with regard to (someone or something)

In reference to someone or something; considering someone or something. With regard to that proposal, I think we should postpone it for now.
See also: regard

in/with reˈgard to somebody/something

(formal) concerning somebody/something: a country’s laws in regard to human rightsThe company’s position with regard to overtime is made clear in the contracts.
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The fact that there are so many incidents where clocks and watches in Linda's home all stop at a particular time tells me that there must be a special significance to this time with regard to somebody who has passed on to the spirit world.
Prosecutor Shaun Dodds yesterday told Teesside Crown Court: "She was deeply upset and is now housebound and feeling helpless with regard to somebody else doing this to her."