(with) (one's) eyes glued to (something)

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(with) (one's) eyes glued to (something)

With all of one's attention focused solely on the thing one is looking at. If "with" is omitted, the entire phrase is separated from the rest of the sentence by one or two commas. I will not abide people eating at my table with their eyes glued to their phones! I came back two hours later to find the kids sitting in exactly the same position, their eyes still glued to the television.
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your eyes glued to something


your eyes glued on something

Someone with their eyes glued to something or glued on something, is watching it with all their attention. Her eyes glued to the screen of her laptop, Kate did not notice the room growing dark. People stood in groups, their eyes glued to the TV and a look of disbelief on their faces. The boys sat politely on the gym floor, their eyes glued on the special visitor. Note: You can also keep your eyes glued to something or glued on something. I just kept my eyes glued to the road. I kept my eyes glued on the door, just waiting for him to come.
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Judging by the results so far, Kierman must have spent the entire summer with his eyes glued to the playbook.
The actor playing Carl, though, delivered his lines in a way I've never seen before - with his eyes glued to his script he yelled them out, flailing his arms by his side.
Bill Oddie on Hampstead Heath with his eyes glued to his binoculars...
One can, instructed the Florentine secretary, reasonably aspire to live as a pious Christian with his gaze fixed firmly on heaven or as a worldly wise member of the polis with his eyes glued to the main chance, but one who attempts to do both will render himself cross-eyed and stumble badly.