with (one's) bare hands

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with (one's) bare hands

Using only one's hands. The term typically means without tools, etc., but can also mean without the machinery that would normally be expected to be used in the task being discussed. We had no shovel so we dug the hole with our bare hands. Can you believe she sanded all that wood with her bare hands, using only sandpaper?
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bare hands, with one's

With one's hands but without tools, weapons, or other implements. For example, Jean assembled the new stove with her bare hands. This phrase, first recorded in 1604, extends the literal meaning, "with uncovered (that is, without gloves) and hence unprotected hands," to "unaided by implements."
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with your bare hands

COMMON If you do something with your bare hands, you do it without using any weapons or tools. If I thought you'd hurt him, I'd kill you now with my bare hands. Rescue workers and residents were digging through tonnes of mud with their bare hands yesterday in search of survivors. Note: You can also say that someone does something bare-handed. A man has wrestled a two-metre crocodile bare-handed in a north Queensland river to save his pet dog from its jaws. Note: This expression is used to emphasize that the thing done is difficult or dangerous.
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with your bare ˈhands

with your hands only, without any tools or weapons: He said he’d killed a crocodile with his bare hands!
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References in classic literature ?
O, would that Warhoon were ruled by a real jeddak rather than by a water-hearted weakling from whom even old Dak Kova could tear the metal with his bare hands!"
With his bare hands alone Beowulf fought, and thought to kill the monster.
At the sight of the thing--a man mauling with his bare hands one of the most relentless and fierce of the jungle carnivora--Mugambi's eyes bulged from their sockets, and from entertaining a sullen respect for the giant white man who had made him prisoner, the black felt an almost worshipping awe of Tarzan.
Slowly and fearfully they regained their feet, and seeing that no attention was being paid them, cast a parting, terrified look at the mighty creature who had defeated them with his bare hands, and slunk quickly out into the darkness of the campong.
He is a devil, monsieurs; alone he has all but killed ten men with his bare hands and his teeth."
A photo of someone who looks like President Rodrigo Duterte shown eating with his bare hands has gone viral in a Facebook post.
The (https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=347788679175873) 73-second video shows the snake catcher initially trying to pick up the giant reptile with his bare hands. However, he later used a snake hook to avoid getting bitten.
The Bahraini defendant, aged 31, was found guilty of attacking Iman Al Hayki, aged 25, using the back of a cleaver and a screwdriver, before strangling her to death with his bare hands in his home in Hamad Town on May 27, 2016.
VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis on Saturday urged Catholics to not remain paralyzed in the face of the injustices around them as he baptized eight adults, including a Nigerian beggar who became a hero in Italy for having disarmed a thief with his bare hands.
UKIP'S new leader has said he could capture a badger and kill it with his bare hands.
Harare, Safar 24, 1435, Dec 27, 2013, SPA -- State media in Zimbabwe says a villager fought a crocodile with his bare hands to free his son from its jaws in northeastern rural Mutoko.
London, July 12 ( ANI ): Adam Sandler was mauled by a cheetah after he tried to feed the wild animal with his bare hands during a visit to a wildlife park in Africa.
Yesterday's indictment by the Budapest Investigative Prosecutors' Office says Csatary was the chief of an internment camp for Jews in Kosice - a Slovak city then part of Hungary - in 1944, and that he beat them with his bare hands and a dog whip.
Summary: Joanna Yeates suffered a slow and painful death as her next-door neighbour strangled her with his bare hands, a court has heard.
It's hard to imagine him trudging (fully clothed, in jean shorts and a shirt) through muddy waters to seek out a 60-pound fish with his bare hands. But alas, the director of various concert films and music videos for The Flaming Lips says there is nothing outside of making movies that he loves more than the "grimy, dirty" sport of noodling.