with guns blazing

with (one's) guns blazing

Forcefully and with all of one's energy and a strong sense of urgency or purpose, especially when directed at an argument or problem that has angered or frustrated one. The senator started the press conference with guns blazing, forcefully denying the accusations and painting his accusers as pathological liars. The home team fell behind by a large margin in the first half, but you can expect them to come out with their guns blazing in the second half.
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with (all) guns blazing

with great determination and energy, often without thought for the consequences. informal
See also: blaze, gun
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"When the Americans come into Pakistan in a military fashion, unilaterally with guns blazing, essentially they are creating fear amongst the populous, which instead of looking upon them as friends starts being suspicious," Haqqani told Washington's WTOP Radio in an exclusive interview.
That trio of adjectives neatly sums up the contribution of Professor Gagnon, who now comes on the scene with guns blazing. Gagnon is in a hurry.
She would be the Anglican Communion's first female primate, but said her style is to assume people are reasonable and not to go in "with guns blazing." All her fellow primates would have to do is "accept me as a bishop," she said, and she found that level of acceptance at the 1998 Lambeth Conference.
It opens with guns blazing: "Liberals have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason.
Hout Bay Heritage Trust's Dave Cowley, whose father was born in Liverpool, said: ``The `Ghost of HMS Echo' will enter the bay with guns blazing with a lot of merry `sailors' who will have a great time.''
The US and UK went into Iraq with guns blazing, on the pretext of ridding it of weapons of mass destruction.
DETECTIVES were today questioning a man after an armed gang burst into a courtroom with guns blazing and snatched two prisoners from the dock.
She went out with guns blazing, telling MPs Tony Blair was a "control freak" with presidential powers who ruled by diktat.
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