with a view to doing

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with a view to doing something

 and with an eye to doing something
with the intention of doing something. I came to this school with a view to getting a degree. The mayor took office with an eye to improving the town.
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For any interpretation, whether personal or nonpersonal, the two most important components are its design and the interpreter's execution of it, all with an eye to doing justice to the resource while engaging the visitor.
Carrying on in the British series wouldn't have gained us anything so we're now competing in the WRC rounds in Germany, Spain and Wales Rally GB with an eye to doing the WRC Academy series in 2012.
He proposes that we should reduce the costs (including transaction costs) of independence, while making it easier in future to dock with Australia, with an eye to doing the same with the United States.
Liz bought him as yearling with an eye to doing a bit of pinhooking, but we got attached to him and put him into training.
Though a charity-based business is a fascinating concept of itself, there is an awful lot to learn from these examples for anyone with an eye to doing business on the Web.