with all the fixin's

all the fixings

1. All the trimmings, condiments, or accompaniments that are desired or considered standard for a particular dish. Often spelled or pronounced colloquially as "fixins" or "fixin's." My mom said she'd cook a big ham with all the fixings for Christmas dinner. Wow, an eight-ounce steak and all the fixin's for $15? That's a heck of a deal!
2. All of the accessories or decorations desired or considered standard for a particular kind of outfit. I managed to find a fantastic tuxedo with all the fixins at a local vintage shop. I just think it's a bit silly spending so much money on a dress and all the fixings if you're only going to wear it once.
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with all the fixin's (or fixings)

Rur. with all the condiments or other dishes that accompany a certain kind of food. For $12.99 you get a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Max likes his hamburgers with all the fixin's.
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Chicken dinner with all the fixin's. Sponsored by Bryant for Illinois campaign committee.
Ken Kelly, Mag-na-port president, teamed up with American Handgunner to create this beauty of a handgun--a custom Ruger SR1911 with all the fixin's to satisfy any handgunner.
Not so influenced by pop culture as the postmodernists, the stories in Drinking Coffee Elsewhere entertain on a familiar, almost nostalgic level--like Sunday dinner with all the fixin's at grandma's house.
Whether it's a featured cocktail of the night to complement a party's theme, such as a Mojito for a Salsa party, or a full-on bar filled with all the fixin's for everything from a Tom Collins to Sex on the Beach, your store should be the resource for barware essentials.
Delectable pulled pork, tangy ribs, and luscious chicken - with all the fixin's - were served up beneath the pious eyes of those ethereal Northern European portal scuptures that have presided for generations over the serene proceedings within a hall named for Adolphus Busch, just off Harvard Yard.
The May menu will feature On the Border's fresh tortilla chips with homemade salsa, house salad with ranch dressing or mango vinaigrette, cheese enchilada with chile con carne sauce, beef taco with all the fixin's, refried beans, Mexican rice, assorted drinks and, for dessert, sopaipillas with honey or chocolate sauce.