with all the fixin's

with all the fixin's (or fixings)

Rur. with all the condiments or other dishes that accompany a certain kind of food. For $12.99 you get a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Max likes his hamburgers with all the fixin's.
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Not so influenced by pop culture as the postmodernists, the stories in Drinking Coffee Elsewhere entertain on a familiar, almost nostalgic level--like Sunday dinner with all the fixin's at grandma's house.
Chef Paul Michael will prepare a Southern Feast with all the fixin's that will include a 12 lb.
Delectable pulled pork, tangy ribs, and luscious chicken - with all the fixin's - were served up beneath the pious eyes of those ethereal Northern European portal scuptures that have presided for generations over the serene proceedings within a hall named for Adolphus Busch, just off Harvard Yard.
A traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin's isn't unhealthy.
As this special time approaches, you can smile knowing that your family will enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving meal with all the fixin's, and you don't have to do the fixing
More than 40 years after Sonny Bryan opened his original smokehouse on Inwood Road, people still line up each day at Sonny's locations around the metroplex to get their brisket sandwiches or pork ribs with all the fixin's," said Walker Harman, CEO of Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse.