with (one's) back to the wall

with (one's) back to the wall

In a bad or high-pressure situation in which one's choice or ability to act is limited. She finds herself with her back to the wall now that creditors are coming after her for more money than she makes. Sometimes, the best solutions arise when we are with our backs to the wall, when we don't have the luxury of examining every option under the sun.
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with your back to (or up against) the wall

in a desperate situation.
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back to the wall, with one's

Hard-pressed; making a last-ditch defensive stand. The term embodies the idea that backing up against a wall prevents an attack from behind, but it also indicates that one has been forced back to this position and no further retreat is possible. Although it had been used since the sixteenth century and was already colloquial in nineteenth-century Britain, the term became famous near the end of World War I through an order to the British troops given by General Douglas Haig and reported in the London Times on April 13, 1918: “Every position must be held to the last man. . . . With our backs to the wall, and believing in the justice of our cause, each one of us must fight on to the end.
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