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witch hunt

An attempt to blame and punish people who hold unpopular views and opinions, often under the guise of some other investigation. The ruling party's witch hunt against its detractors sparked a civil war.
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*cold as a welldigger's ass (in January)

 and *cold as a welldigger's feet (in January); *cold as a witch's caress; *cold as marble; *cold as a witch's tit; *cold as a welldigger's ears (in January)
very, very cold; chilling. (Use caution with ass. *Also: as ~.) Bill: How's the weather where you are? Tom: Cold as a welldigger's ass in January. By the time I got in from the storm, I was as cold as a welldigger's feet. The car's heater broke, so it's as cold as a welldigger's ears to ride around in it. She gave me a look as cold as a witch's caress.
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witch hunt

a campaign directed against a person or group holding unorthodox or unpopular views.
The expression was inspired by the persecution in former times of people believed to be witches, often culminating in execution by burning.
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References in classic literature ?
Cotton Mather, a very learned and eminent clergyman, believed that the whole country was full of witches and wizards, who had given up their hopes of heaven, and signed a covenant with the evil one.
Dear Grandfather," cried little Alice, clinging closer to his knee, "is it true that witches ever come in the night-time to frighten little children?
Even if there were any witches, they would flee away from the presence of a pure-hearted child.
The English, they had heard, were a perfectly mad people, who would not let honest farmers kill witches in peace.
THEREFORE she and I are witches, because we gave thee shelter.
But," said Dorothy, after a moment's thought, "Aunt Em has told me that the witches were all dead--years and years ago.
In the civilized countries I believe there are no witches left, nor wizards, nor sorceresses, nor magicians.
But once upon a time four Witches leagued together to depose the king and rule the four parts of the kingdom themselves; so when the Ruler, my grandfather, was hunting one day, one Wicked Witch named Mombi stole him and carried him away, keeping him a close prisoner.
But, at that time," said the Wizard, thoughtfully, "there were two Good Witches and two Wicked Witches ruling in the land.
The Wicked Witch appears in The Yellow Brick Road (1939) and the list includes the Hammer horror The Witches (1966), Witchfinder General (1968), the Witches of Eastwick (1987) and the film (1990) of Roald Dahl's book The Witches.
Additionally, The Switch Witches have partnered with Mommy Nearest, a mobile app service that strives to make parenting easier by bringing communities together, to host four candy drop-off play dates the first week of November.
Adorable detailed illustrations featuring green little witches and many other fun features express and complement the bouncy verve and charm of the witty verse narrative of "Back to School, Picky Little Witch
They reflect the premise of "Witches of East End,'' a series beginning Sunday on Lifetime and based on the best-selling novel by Melissa de la Cruz: that a family of witches, the Beauchamps, has lived in a small Long Island, N.
Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and feisty sister Gretel (Gemma Arterton) had their first encounter with witches as children when they stumbled into a house made of candy.