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The one-day WiT Middle East 2019 will be held on April 9 at a venue yet to be determined.
To mark the 25th anniversary of the closure of The Green Man in Swan Street, five authors, who make up Ruler's Wit, are writing two books about the underground bar.
It helps heaps that the character Monsod plays in 'Wit' is an exacting and demanding poetry teacher who's an expert in the similarly rigorous works of John Donne, whose own fascination with death and its 'meaning' is unparalleled.
wit da pills in her purse kept her going all day and it werent
Accordingly, defenders of church and state had to acquire the skills of literary criticism to penetrate the ambiguities and innuendos of the "Titans of Wit." Lund clearly demonstrates that style is substantial; literary form is political.
Eurofins Scientific (Paris:ERF), a provider of bioanalytical testing supporting the entire food production chain, announced on Friday that it has acquired Bureau de Wit B.V (Bureau de Wit), a main laboratory service provider focused on food and water safety testing for the food production, hotel and catering sectors in the Netherlands.
Carhart describes how de Wit published a folio atlas without text in 1660 and became the most successful Amsterdam map and atlas publisher of the last half of the 17th century.
"This is the first evidence that over the entire [last] 3.5 billion years, Earth has operated within a temperature range that suits life," says Maarten de Wit, a geologist at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
"Living by Wit" and "Knight of Industry": Some Notes on the History in Two Dead Metaphors
Richard de Wit's trial has been dragging on for almost 18 months but has stalled again, as the 7ft Dutchman has just told officials he cannot get a lawyer.
A startup called Wit.ai plans to make it easy for hardware makers and software developers to add custom voice controls to everything from Internet-connected thermostats to drones to smart watches.
Adam Zucker's fine book The Places of Wit in Early Modern English Comedy explores what he terms comedy's "formal reliance" on problems posed by the "increasing complexity of sociability" in early modern England (1).
WEB In Travel (WIT), which runs the largest and highest level online travel conference in Asia Pacific, will hold a Middle East edition in Dubai on March 26 to 27, 2014.
In this volume, Brebbia (Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT), UK) and Hernandez (U.