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The available data commences from 2001 as it was from this time that enabling students were provided with a student number allowing for centralisation of electronic enrolment records and finishes at 2011 after which no further enrolments in WIST or LIFT were taken.
To determine the effectiveness of the SMILA approach, 39 students were assessed using the WIST on pre- and post- indicators of word identification and sound symbol relationships.
Further resonances between Wist's and Auerswald's statements are evident in the frequent effacement of agency.
Vooral de term 'geest' was in deze discussie een bron van onbegrip en verwarring, terwijl men ook niet wist wat men aanmoest met teksten over Zuid-Afrika die in andere talen geschreven waren dan het Afrikaans en Nederlands.
Telenor's head of mergers and acquisitions Torbjoern Wist told Reuters that ISS recommended a vote against, largely because the deal would undermine Vimpelcom's corporate governance structure, reducing independent directors' representation on Vimpelcom's board.
At wist on today's recipe is to make a lovely goats cheese salad.
111: "And when Sir Gawaine wist that, he [Uwaine] made him ready to go with him; and said, Whoso banisheth my cousin-germain shall banish me.
Polish telecoms operator WIST has deployed the Verimatrix VCAS for IPTV solution to secure its comprehensive lineup of services for the Rzeszow region.
noes paer blares wist werum on pam wonge, ne waeteres drync to bruconne, ah hie blod ond tel, fira flaeschoman, feorrancumenra, degon geond pa peode.
Wist, A Century of Public Education in Hawaii: October 15, 1840-October 15, 1940 (Honolulu: Hawaii Educational Review, 1940), 108.
For many years, the regenerant of choice for water softening systems was plain table salt, sodium chloride, because it was cheap and plentiful; it was also an environmental pollutant, however, and Wist (1945-2007), a chemist with a potash company in Canada, helped develop the technology for using potassium chloride instead.
I saw a something in the Sky No bigger than my fist; At first it seem'd a little speck And then it seem'd a mist: It mov'd and mov'd, and took at last A certain shape, I wist. A speck, a mist, a shape, I wist!
Ratas machos de la cepa WISTAR Hannover (HsdBrlHan: WIST), con peso corporal entre 300-350 g fueron utilizados como fuente de macrofagos.
Aptlyit's a by-the-numbers thriller with two-dimensional characters and the plot comes with at wist that you see coming over the horizon like an elephant in a green lycrac at suit.