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The WIST program that was taught entirely by distance education contributed most strongly to the increasing enrolments from 2005 onwards.
The most striking visual illustration of this occurs when Wist recollects a mass burial of skeletal corpses that are sent down a ramp into a pit.
129: "And when the king and Elaine his daughter wist that Sir Bors was nephew unto Sir Launcelot, they made him great cheer.
WIST is delivering IPTV services to subscribers via its ADSL2+ network and is using BeeSMART middleware, customised by telecoms industry solutions provider VECTOR, and the 1910 series of set-top boxes from Motorola.
When Christ promises Andrew that his blood will flow waettre gelicost (most like water, 954b), the pairing of blood and water invokes Christ's promise of the Eucharist, with its connotations of nourishment and satisfaction in the face of the Mermedonians' perpetual famine and drought, for the Mermedonians have neither "hlafes wist .
Wist, A Century of Public Education in Hawaii: October 15, 1840-October 15, 1940 (Honolulu: Hawaii Educational Review, 1940), 108.
For many years, the regenerant of choice for water softening systems was plain table salt, sodium chloride, because it was cheap and plentiful; it was also an environmental pollutant, however, and Wist (1945-2007), a chemist with a potash company in Canada, helped develop the technology for using potassium chloride instead.
I saw a something in the Sky No bigger than my fist; At first it seem'd a little speck And then it seem'd a mist: It mov'd and mov'd, and took at last A certain shape, I wist.
Aptlyit's a by-the-numbers thriller with two-dimensional characters and the plot comes with at wist that you see coming over the horizon like an elephant in a green lycrac at suit.
Director Muhammad Abu Yousif has nominated Nelly to start in a new film called "Hiz Wist Al Balad" (Shake the waist of Tthe country).
WiSt --Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium (2) 85-90.
Wist no wy of [pe] wone bot Waynor hir seluen-- Scho hade pe kepynge hir self of pat kydde wapyn, Off cofres enclosede pat to pe crown lengede, With rynges and relikkes and pe regale of Fraunce, That was fownden on sir Froll when he was feye leuyde.
Omizo, University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Education, Department of Counselor Education, 1776 University Avenue, Wist Annex 2, Dean's Office, Honolulu, HI 96822 (e-mail: omizo@hawaii.
t-mac will be showcasing its range of remote, wireless machine management and monitoring solutions and launching its new wireless sensor technology, WiST.
To serve, place a tsp of tapenade on each slice of toast and top with at wist of parma ham.