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In addition to the many rewards this program reaps, Wishing Well has been the recipient of an award.
The Wishing Place will be approximately 13,500 square feet and is designed to provide an environment where wishes can be made in a setting that offers comfort and sparks the imagination of wish children and their families.
It is only through the generosity of the community and companies like Nissan, that The Wishing Place is becoming a reality," said Barry Smink, president/CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Texas.
The goal of Wishing Stars is to create a space for give and take, for visitors to leave their mark on the installation with the star that they launch into the sky, and to take away a wish of good fortune and fun," said Richard Ting, one of the exhibit's creators.
The Wishing Stars display was created Betsy Seder, Nohar Raz, Mini Ham, and Richard Ting -- all graduates of New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program.
Douglas County residents wishing to submit a nomination should mail letters to "Wish Upon A Star," PO Box 5180, Roseburg, Oregon 97470, fax them to 541/673-7598, or e-mail them to kissfm@kkmx.
Professor Keenbean invents a wishing machine that magically transports Richie to an alternate universe where Reggie rules with an iron fist, Richie's personal valet Cadbury is a heavy-metal roadie, his robot-servant Irona is a fire-breathing cyborg and Richie's loveable dog Dollar is forlorn.
Through an action-packed chase and museum heist, Richie and his friends race against time to outwit Reggie and find the wishing machine so Richie can return to reality and save Christmas.
The DB/EXPO Holiday Wishing Tree is an on-line data registry service, accessed via the Internet, that will allow individuals or businesses to sponsor a child's holiday wish from their desktops.