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In her Hindi tweet, the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister wished Gandhi a long and healthy life.
Later the animals discover that Old Mister Rabbit is the only one who made a selfless wish; he wished for Peace on Earth, as he did once each year of his rabbit life.
Sue Kemp, general manager of Warwick Castle, said: "You could argue the little girl who wished the world was ruled by flying pigs stands more chance of having her wish granted than the boy who hopes Villa will win the league!
Dad said: "Okay love, my wishes are already fulfilled, I wished for the most wonderful job; here I am an accomplished astronaut.
Harder than she had ever wished for anything, Anna wished for snow.
The Onion News Network, the television version of the satirical newspaper, featured Chad Carter, a fictitious Boston-area boy stricken with leukemia who wished for "unlimited wishes," sending the Make-A-Wish Foundation teetering toward bankruptcy.
In 1990 and 1991, two different Wisconsin children wished to meet Molitor and had that wish granted.
Mickey, a resident afflicted with cerebral palsy, wished for an airplane ride.
CATHOLIC readers said they wished they could do more to help the less fortunate.
One year, a person wished for a wheelchair for a family member who could not afford one.