wish for

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wish for (someone or something)

To have or express a desire to obtain, achieve, or meet someone or something. Ever since he was a young boy, he's been wishing for the love of his life to show up. I wished for a new bicycle when I blew out the birthday candles, but I just got a new dollhouse instead. Most people wish for fame and fortune without being willing to put in the work typically needed to earn them.
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wish for someone or something

to wish to have someone or something. She spent most of her life wishing for Prince Charming, who would come along and sweep her off her feet. She still wishes for escape.
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wish for

1. To express a desire for something or someone: The child tossed a penny in the well and wished for a new bicycle.
2. To have or feel a desire for something or someone: For weeks I've been wishing for a big snowstorm so I could go skiing.
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I wish for this because with an xbox 360 I can't beat moon lord because of the old version and with the xbox one I can beat the moon lord because it's the new version.
I wish for the immediate recovery of Marawi, most especially the recovery of the people's dampened spirits.
'Maraming dapat baguhin (many things need to change),' the senator said in an interview at the Senate on Tuesday when asked of his birthday wish for the President.
MOST children live in make believe, As they wish upon their Christmas wreath, But others only wish for love, joy and stability, From a loving caring family.
YOUNG boy's wish for harmony across the world has been recorded as part of a soon-to-be released A YOUNG boy's wish for harmony across the world has been recorded as part of a soon-to-be released charity single.
Be Careful What You Wish For: Ten Stories About Wishes
Golden State Collision Repair Centers was contacted by Make-A-Wish in the winter of 2012 to ask for assistance in granting this wish for Michael.
"Some wishes stop you in your tracks though, like one which read, 'I wish that my mum is always happy,' and another,'I wish for my cat to still be alive - but I know that won't come true'.
Washington, May 2 (ANI): A new study has found that while trying to figure out what's going on in an adolescent's mind can be challenging, simply asking them what they wish for could prove to be eye-opening.
WISHING Some people wish for things in life that can never be But some things come to people in life, that are permanent As in my case, it was an amazing woman I never wished, she never wished, we just found each other I'm from the older generation, she is not But since meeting, we act like two teenagers But this is not an act, this is love I mentioned wish, which I didn't wish But if I had, my wish has certainly come true Because this lady, is so fantastic, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet Romantic, sensuous and very patient So to wish in life can be fruitless But to wait can be very fruitful So the moral of the poem never wish for what you may not receive If you are due a wish, it will come to you As it did with me by B.T.
The third most popular wish was goodwill, health and happiness, and one passionate young Villan went as far as to wish for his team to be crowned league champions.
We're flattered that authors Koenig and Hyde ("Be Careful What You Wish For: Analyzing the Five Wishes Advance Directive," IBJ May 2009) pored over our document, and as would a law student studying a model contract, found areas that might could-maybe-potentially become a problem.
I wish for the citizenry to continue to awaken from the nightmare of the Bush Age.
"It gives me hope that people wish for love, peace, health, and happiness," she says.
In conjunction with the introduction of its new line of cakes and Deep Dish frozen yogurt pies (see 5/05 Ice Cream Reporter), TCBY, conducted a nationwide survey asking 2,076 Americans: What do they wish for? When do they wish for it?