wish for

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wish for (someone or something)

To have or express a desire to obtain, achieve, or meet someone or something. Ever since he was a young boy, he's been wishing for the love of his life to show up. I wished for a new bicycle when I blew out the birthday candles, but I just got a new dollhouse instead. Most people wish for fame and fortune without being willing to put in the work typically needed to earn them.
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wish for someone or something

to wish to have someone or something. She spent most of her life wishing for Prince Charming, who would come along and sweep her off her feet. She still wishes for escape.
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wish for

1. To express a desire for something or someone: The child tossed a penny in the well and wished for a new bicycle.
2. To have or feel a desire for something or someone: For weeks I've been wishing for a big snowstorm so I could go skiing.
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Results showed that 85 percent of adolescents had wishes for themselves, 32 percent had wishes for others, and 10 percent had a wish for both themselves and others.
Boys were more likely than girls to wish for things only for themselves (73 percent vs.
I wish for basic American decency to reassert itself against the hate-filled tirades of the far right and to rededicate itself to helping the poor.
I wish for withdrawal from Iraq to begin immediately and to be completed no later than July 4.
Robert Von Aiken, executive managing director Grubb & Ellis Appraisal Consulting Services, said he would wish for the so-called state capital gains tax to be eliminated.
The last few years, the center has raised almost $8,000 at each festival to help fulfill a wish for a child in the area.