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They were most anxious that he should remain in the Gardens to play to them, and to bring this to pass they tried to trick him into making such a remark as "I wish the grass was not so wet," and some of them danced out of time in the hope that he might cry, "I do wish you would keep time
All turned to look at the Thing, and so quickly had the wish been granted that the Gump lay before them in perfect repair, and as well able to fly through the air as when it had first been brought to life on the roof of the palace.
Now, dear Princess, when I wave my handkerchief, please wish me with Uncle Henry.
Pardon me, monseigneur, I have been indiscreet," replied Raoul, in a firm voice; "but as you yourself invited me to wish - "
Pardon me, monsieur le duc," interrupted Raoul, "do not tell the king so, for it is not the king I wish to serve.
I have taken our lodgings on for another week; and I can wait to hear from you until you are able to send me such news as I wish to receive.
Indeed I do; nor can I imagine any theme about which a man of sense would oftener wish to converse.
Customers who wish to support Make-A- Wish Canada can choose from this Collection knowing that 15% of sale goes to the wish-granting organization.
SALTBURN ANIMAL RESCUE ASSOCIATION (SARA) Wish tokens collected: 109,892 Prize received: PS1,286.
In this story, students enrolled at Pamson Middle School are entitled to Wish Week.
Earlier this week, Rebecca traveled from San Francisco to Las Vegas to fulfill her wish of going to see many of her favorite bands at a musical festival.
Katy said: "I helped to grant a wish to a little girl called Ella in July and saw first-hand just how magical a wish is for a poorly child and their family.