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The wisest use of our resources is to use all of them in the most cost-effective and sustainable way possible.
Encourage them in a sense of hoping that they'll find it is something they are interested in and something that they can do, and then that they will pursue it eventually," said Grace Ennis, WISEST coordinator.
However, the separation can also demonstrate that break-up is the wisest route for one or both of you.
Also, it was mentioned that Jessica has a 23-year- old-daughter, so getting a 4-bedroom $400K house didn't sound like the wisest choice.
Furthermore, is this school making the wisest use of its state-appropriated funds and is this how we should be educating our gifted children?
Harry Pines is the kind of man who will repay favors tenfold, although that's not always the wisest of him.
But how can you be sure you will make the wisest PBM choice.
I realized it was wisest to try to listen to spoken messages only when driving on major highways when traffic was not congested.
It was also seen as a military defeat for Israel which sparked a rare debate within the nation as to whether a continual aggressive approach to her neighbours was the wisest course of action.
A YOU could research it on the internet, but perhaps it would be wisest to get independent financial advice before parting with your money.
While truly self-regulatory investigations traditionally can be and have been handled by in-house counsel, for any investigation that has even the potential to garner interest from the government, the wisest course is to engage outside counsel.
It presented its theory to the wisest and there was no doubt: it had discovered the secret of how people could live well and in peace.
While Winston will not attest to being the oldest team member, he could be considered the wisest in terms of what makes this group tick.
The FDA hearings in March showed how important it is to work together to reach the wisest possible decisions.