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While truly self-regulatory investigations traditionally can be and have been handled by in-house counsel, for any investigation that has even the potential to garner interest from the government, the wisest course is to engage outside counsel.
It presented its theory to the wisest and there was no doubt: it had discovered the secret of how people could live well and in peace.
Leon Hadar, author of last year's Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East, counsels that the wisest course of action is "constructive disengagement" with "the Islamic Green Crescent of Instability ranging from the Balkans to the borders of China.
The FDA hearings in March showed how important it is to work together to reach the wisest possible decisions.
BRIAN LITTLE has not displayed the wisest way of keeping his club's fans happy.
But embracing skateboard, rap or chav culture to get their attention is not necessarily the wisest move.
She is not sure at this point in time if she would pursue robotics as a career choice, although she may decide otherwise by the end of the WISEST program.
It takes a lot of courage to admit you don't know it all, but it's what the wisest people do.
What we're trying to do is ensure that the substantial resources that are spent on the homeless are being used in the wisest fashion," she said.
But my wisest adviser--my wife--did not share my doubts and inspired me to convince the board I was indeed a viable candidate.
95), Casey and Reba learn about Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Kwanzaa from Zack, the oldest and wisest dog in the neighborhood.
WISEST created a highly effective community of students, parents, teachers, sponsors, professional engineers, scientists, and university faculty for the encouragement of young women into the chemical sciences.
The collection's overarching (and, to me, convincing) theme: that war is an inherent element of the human condition and that the wisest course in a fallen world--one in which evil can strike out at innocents, without warning, on a brilliantly blue morning, widowing spouses and orphaning children is to appreciate the tragic quality of life.
The minister has said that the Norwegian state's decision to maintain its 14% share of SAS was historically based, and that the current state of affairs was a transition to a time when it would be wisest to sell out.