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be none the wiser

1. To not be aware of something (typically because others have kept it a secret). I came in after curfew last night, but it's OK because I was so quiet that my parents are none the wiser.
2. To not understand something, even after receiving explanations and information about it. My tutor has explained the quadratic equation to me many times, but I'm still none the wiser.
See also: none, wiser

no one will be (any) the wiser

No one will notice (that something has been done). The phrase especially refers to a lack of notice of some act that is mischievous, illegal, or unethical. Come have a cigarette with us! Just eat some mints, then wash your hands and face and no one will be any the wiser! No one will be the wiser if you leave out a few of the ingredients.
See also: no, one, will, wiser

sadder but wiser

Knowledgeable or experienced after having gone through something unpleasant or unfortunate. We came through the economic disaster sadder but wiser, hopefully better prepared for such disasters in the future. I left the dinner sadder but wiser, understanding just how entrenched her family's bigotry still is.
See also: but, sad, wiser

none the wiser

1. Completely unaware of something (typically because others have kept it a secret). I know you're not supposed to take the car out while your parents are gone, but just fill up the tank before they come back and they'll be none the wiser.
2. Unable to understand or comprehend something, especially after receiving information or explanations about it. He explained it to me many times, but his lesson left me none the wiser. I've read the manual twice, but I'm still none the wiser as to how this is supposed to work.
See also: none, wiser

none the wiser

not knowing any more in spite of events or exposure to facts. I was none the wiser about black holes after the lecture. It was a complete waste of time. Anne tried to explain the situation tactfully to Bob, but in the end, he was none the wiser.
See also: none, wiser

sadder but wiser

Cliché unhappy but knowledgeable [about someone or something--after an unpleasant event]. After the accident, I was sadder but wiser, and would never make the same mistake again. We left the meeting sadder but wiser, knowing that we could not ever come to an agreement with Becky's aunt.
See also: but, sad, wiser

none the wiser

Knowing no more than before, as in He tried to explain the tax structure, but in the end I was none the wiser. [Early 1800s]
See also: none, wiser

sadder but wiser

Unhappy but having learned from one's mistakes, as in Sadder but wiser, she's never going near poison ivy again. The pairing of these two adjectives was first recorded in Samuel Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1798).
See also: but, sad, wiser

be none (or not any) the wiser

know no more than before.
See also: none, wiser

be none the ˈwiser/ˈno wiser


not be any the ˈwiser

1 not understand something, even after it has been explained to you: I’ve read the instructions, but I’m still none the wiser.
2 not know or find out about something bad that somebody has done: If you put the money back, no one will be any the wiser.
See also: no, none, wiser

sadder and/but wiser

Enlightened by an unfortunate experience; learning from one’s mistakes. The pairing of these two thoughts appears in the concluding stanza of Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (1798): “He went like one that hath been stunned,/And is of sense forlorn:/A sadder and a wiser man,/He rose the morrow morn.”
See also: and, but, sad, wiser
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