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ERIC Descriptors: Action Research; Teacher Researchers; Test Anxiety; Elementary School Students; Middle School Students; Grade 5; Grade 6; Grade 7; Elementary School Science; Secondary School Science; Social Studies; Language Arts; Student Attitudes; Testing; Story Grammar; Teacher Surveys; Student Surveys; Parent Surveys; Test Wiseness; Intervention; Pretests Posttests
However, it has to be taken into account that other aspects, such as nutrition, hygiene, welfare state, anxiety trait, stress, menstrual cycle, perceived difficulty or previous experience in answering tests (test wiseness), may influence the SPM score.
Sir Ian McKellan is perfect as Gandalf, evoking the wizard's wiseness, strength and virtuosity with consummate ease.
ERIC Descriptors: Program Effectiveness; High School Equivalency Programs; Adult Learning; Adult Students; Rural Education; Test Wiseness; Distance Education; Educational Technology; Conventional Instruction; Costs; Test Preparation
ERIC Descriptors: Help Seeking; Preservice Teacher Education; Teacher Certification; Behavior Patterns; Preservice Teachers; Student Behavior; Psychometrics; Test Wiseness; Test Coaching; Test Preparation; Self Management; Change Strategies; Item Analysis; Test Reliability; Test Validity; Rating Scales; Observation; Student Evaluation; Self Evaluation (Individuals); Predictive Measurement; Predictive Validity; Student Teacher Attitudes
ERIC Descriptors: Academic Achievement; Testing; Standardized Tests; Test Items; Test Wiseness; Test Preparation; Change Strategies; Educational Change; Cognitive Style; Educational Strategies; High School Students; Student Characteristics; Educational Resources; Mathematics Achievement; Reading Achievement