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Choosing Wisely Canada is proud to partner with CPhA and the pharmacy profession.
All 10 of the Choosing Wisely recommendations from the AAD were selected by an AAD-organized workgroup of board-certified dermatologists seeking to identify practices that are common but impose a strong potential for poor use of health care resources.
Careful planning and execution of fluoroscopically-guided interventional procedures can reduce procedure risk as well as radiation exposure to the patient and hospital staff, said William Mayo-Smith, MD, co-chair and Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) representative to Image Wisely.
The Choosing Wisely campaign is supported by many medical specialty groups and associations.
Radiation is an invaluable diagnostic resource, and attention to its appropriate use is paramount to patient safety, said Donald Peck, PhD, director of the Image Wisely Radiation Safety Case series and member of the Image Wisely Executive Committee.
He urged the Government to act wisely and listen to the people of Anbar and to implement their legitimate demands and allocate enough fund to fulfill their needs.
Heidi Smith, HealthInsight's Choosing Wisely project manager, says people need to take more responsibility for their own health and not blindly follow doctors' orders without asking pertinent questions.
Prince Saud added: "Saudi Arabia urges all parties involved to put an end to this fighting and act wisely.
Hyatt Hotels across the UAE have announced a collaboration with the EWS-WWF to introduce their Choose Wisely campaign in the UAE.
The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation recently expanded its Choosing Wisely campaign, which now highlights over 130 specific tests or procedures that 17 leading physician specialty societies say are commonly ordered by doctors but are not always necessary or prudent for patients.
But, for now, try to minimise tensions, by acknowledging that the only thing you can change here is how you feel about it all, and how wisely you deal with it.
I budget wisely and can well afford to run my gas central heating on high for seven days a week and I have a substantial lunch out six days per week.
At the same time you have to invest opportunity wisely," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted him, as saying.
Gary Wisely of Glenvara Park, Firhouse, South Dublin, died after he was stabbed three times in the chest at the home of a friend, Graham Greene, in the early hours of April 10, 2006.
EWOOD PARK BLACKBURN v A VILLA BLACKBURN manager Sam Allardyce has welcomed news of the club's takeover, but accepts he will have to spend wisely.