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That was twenty years ago, and I am still very much and wisely alive; and I have seen much, done much, lived much, in that intervening score of years; and I shudder when I think how close a shave I ran, how near I was to missing that splendid fifth of a century that has been mine.
This will be, I am afraid, always the case while they remain among their former acquaintance; it was therefore wisely done by Mr Allworthy, to remove Jenny to a place where she might enjoy the pleasure of reputation, after having tasted the ill consequences of losing it.
So she wisely determined to render her position with the Queen's Crawley family comfortable and secure, and to this end resolved to make friends of every one around her who could at all interfere with her comfort.
She used to talk to her pupils about their "poor mamma"; and, though she treated that lady with every demonstration of cool respect, it was to the rest of the family that she wisely directed the chief part of her attentions.
And though she thought as a child herself, and did not perhaps sufficiently consider to what a bright and happy existence those who die young are borne, and how in death they lose the pain of seeing others die around them, bearing to the tomb some strong affection of their hearts (which makes the old die many times in one long life), still she thought wisely enough, to draw a plain and easy moral from what she had seen that night, and to store it, deep in her mind.
If you have,' returned the follower, wisely reserving himself for any favourable contingency that might occur, 'we must make up for it next time, that's all.
Religious Right Backs Prescription Exemptions" (May Church & State) wisely points how out of touch with reality the so-called "Workplace Religious Freedom Act" in Congress really is.
The interloper, wisely choosing the first option, lowered his gun and hit the dirt while his accomplice, crawling on his belly, re-emerged from the woods and also surrendered.
ALAN BALL has predicted a bright future for Everton -- provided they spend the Wayne Rooney money wisely.
General Synod acted wisely in deferring any decision on blessing same-sex unions until 2007.
And as the church wisely notes in the Lectionary for Mass, "In the celebration of the liturgy, the Word of God is not voiced in one way nor does it stir the hearts of the hearers with the same power.
Are we spending our security dollars wisely, in ways that best support our business?
And yes, it's tricky powerful, and dangerous if not used wisely.
Tune in to her column for tips on getting organized at work, moving up the corporate ladder, and spending your money mine wisely.
The authors have wisely amended the standard textbook approach by including information on consumer needs and behaviors, a review of food safety surveillance programs, and a discussion of food safety laws and regulations.