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There's Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment for telescopes and compasses; Scribbulus for quills, pens and stationery; Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions; Quality Quidditch Supplies; Weasley's Wizard Wheezes for magical jokes and Magical Menagerie, selling toy animals.
there's also Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment for telescopes and compasses, quality Quidditch Supplies for game kit, and Scribbulus for authentic writing implements.
There's also Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment for telescopes and compasses, Quality Quid-ditch Supplies for game kit, and Scrib-bulus for authentic writing implements.
Also, cheating is much more prevalent (why giving credit for taking a MOOC is very challenging), and the one or two wiseacres an online instructor can count on in a "regular" online class is multiplied in a MOOC.
By the time he arrived at the festival for the Triumph he had won five out of his six hurdle races, including three at Cheltenham, and he was sent off 11-2 second favourite of 23 runners with most of us so-called wiseacres thinking something would come out of the woodwork and improve past him.
As Lim notes, alongside "Richard Linklater's earnest philosophers or Noah Baumbach's poised wiseacres, Mr.
It's going to pour soon," said the scurrying wiseacres, as they raised their collars and paused to look up from this street, where people, whose mirrors carry mysterious reflections, can parade - knowing their styles would not be stared at, from top to toe, by the quibbling eyes of conformists for whom difference is a sin.
In a cartoon world dominated by the likes of Hanna-Barbera, Jay Ward and the Looney Tunes wiseacres, here came "Speed Racer," a Japanese anime full of badly dubbed dialogue, primal yawps, action-packed auto races, sinister villains and about a billion fiery explosions.
It is here that the neighborhood wiseacres congregate to dispute the merits of political and religious isms.
Plenty of old wiseacres will tell you Leger winners have a dire record in the Arc.
Deering's declaration that her gasping appreciation of the soldiers represents her first "really noble and selfless emotion," the entire novel is evidence of her larger recognition that "It's not the decisions of the wiseacres that make nations great .
Political wiseacres, including many Liberals, thought it a smart move.
In one of New York's prominent black newspapers, an editorial stated that "Our wiseacres may talks as much as they please, upon amalgamation, and our future standing in society, but it does not alter the case in the least; it does not improve our situation in the least.