wise to

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wise to (someone or something)

Fully aware of or alert to someone or something, especially if they or it seems suspicious, illegal, or malicious in nature or intention. We'd better watch our step—I think the police are wise to us! I hope my brother doesn't get wise to my scheme to take over the company.
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*wise to someone or something

fully aware of someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; put someone ~.) The cops are wise to the plan.
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When the job is near completion and you're ready to implement the recommendations, it would be wise to test the plan to see if it works.
This provided an opportunity for WISE to highlight education issues and bring forward the key importance of education to the global forum.
Yiannouka stressed the keenness of WISE to expand such programmes involving SEC and other local partners.
And Vialli wants Wise to stay silent over his sending-off in the goalless draw at Everton on Saturday - which came just 24 hours after he admitted he could never change his bad boy ways.
This year's theme reflects the commitment of WISE to address important education challenges in times of disruption and economic uncertainty stemming from conflict, mass migration, growing inequality, ongoing rapid technological change and other forces.
The WISE@ gatherings in Tunis, Beijing, and Madrid - as well as other roundtable forums in Europe, and our participation in international gatherings are all important opportunities for WISE to raise awareness of education as crucial to developing empowered, secure and productive communities and societies."