wise as Solomon

(as) wise as Solomon

Exceptionally wise, discerning, or sound in judgment. A reference to the biblical King Solomon, renowned for his wisdom. She is considered as wise as Solomon and has become something of a matriarch within the community. You'd think he'd be wise as Solomon after so many years in this industry, but he's still a careless old fool. I've always thought Grandpa was wise as Solomon—that's why I still go to him for advice today!
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*wise as Solomon

 and *wise as an owl
very wise. (*Also: as ~.) If you are in trouble, get Chris to advise you. He's as wise as Solomon. This is a difficult problem. You'd need to be as wise as an owl to be able to solve it.
See also: Solomon, wise
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There are such things anyone, be he as wise as Solomon, can't do anything.