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wireless network

A system by which a computer, cell phone, or other device can access the Internet without being plugged into a router. I can't connect to the Internet on my laptop—why isn't the wireless network working? What's the password for the wireless network?
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latrine wireless

dated In the military, the informal system of gossip, rumors, or unfounded information proliferated through the latrines of soldiers. If the latrine wireless is to be believed, we're going to be relocated to an area outside of Danang next week. You shouldn't believe everything you hear on the latrine wireless, son. When soldiers have too much time on their hands, they start spinning stories.
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latrine wireless

(ləˈtrin ˈwɑɪɚləs)
n. the free exchange of information and gossip at the general toilet facilities. (see also grapevine, latrine rumor. This wireless alludes to the older term for a radio, not to modern wireless telephony.) It came over the latrine wireless this morning. We’re all shipping out.
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Despite its challenges though, wireless technology looks to be the way of the near future, and the schools that already have it are exploring different ways to use it, from teacher development to student enrichment.
Other wireless vendors, faced with dwindling private subscriber groups, have gotten in on the action toward even more capitalistic ends.
Wireless telecommunications infrastructures represent a quick fix--a less time consuming and relatively low-cost way for developing areas to achieve global connectivity.
Wireless signals transmit perfectly through wood, plaster, and glass, but metal, brick or concrete walls have proven to be significant barriers.