wired into

wire (something) into (someone or something)

1. To connect something by soldering its wires to something else to allow for an electric current to pass into or out of it. Some genius wired these speakers directly into the CD player, so there's no way to disconnect them without cutting the wires entirely. The battery on this device is wired into the circuit board, meaning you can't just take it out when you need to replace it.
2. To be a predetermined physiological or psychological mechanism of the body or mind. Often used in passive constructions. Certain reflexes are wired into the structure of our muscles and tendons. The fight or flight response is wired into our basic survival instincts when threatened with danger.
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wired into someone or something

s; sl. closely concerned with someone or something; really involved with someone or something. Mary is really wired into classical music. Sam and Martha are totally wired into one another.
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