wire together

wire something together

to bind the pieces of something together with wire; to bind things together with wire. I wired the car's exhaust pipe together, hoping to get a few more miles out of it. I will wire it together to keep it from dragging on the roadway.
See also: together, wire
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At one point, two girls perform on the wire together with long, velvet veils covering their faces.
Through a principle known as 'Hebb's Law' -- 'neurons that fire together, wire together' -- neurons in the sensorimotor and pain perception networks become entangled, resulting in phantom limb pain.
630 ea splice wire together; 853 ea remove and replace fire damaged wood or steel line post; 118 ea remove and replace brace structure.
It you want some focal points, wire together a lotus flower, cinnamon sticks and an orange slice to create a single addition.
With the majority of the code already developed and accessible through Node-RED, you can wire together an IIoT application to pull data from your industrial machinery and equipment and then move it into whichever predictive analytics application you like.
They found that these sensory fibers wire together in the spinal cord with another group of neurons known as RORI neurons.
They found that these sensory fibres wire together in the spinal cord with another group of neurons known as RORI neurons.
Net sales of USD110.6m were recorded for its first quarter ended 27 December 2014, up b26.8% from net sales of USD87.2m in the corresponding period a year ago due to the August 2014 acquisition of the prestressed concrete strand business of American Spring Wire together with higher sales at Insteel's other facilities.
In the day's third race, a trio of $8,000 claimers _ Fly Like A Angel, Allihaveonztheradio and Terri After Five _ hit the wire together after a one-mile race.
In one, he can be seen plotting to wipe out his arch enemies the Daleks by touching two pieces of wire together.
"Neurons that fire together wire together. Mental states become neural traits."
"In fact, I spoke to Peter on Friday night before this came out and said we have got to go right to the wire together and we will do what we can together and it was a really positive email I then got back from him saying 'absolutely'.
"For instance, locking wires require a special bolt and take time to wire together; chemical adhesive application can be inconsistent and don't work well in high temperature; and deformed threads can gall during initial assembly or lose effectiveness in later disassembly and reassembly."
STEP 2 Wire pieces together in twos then arrange into grid pattern and wire together.