wire up

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wire up

1. To install wires inside of something or some place in order to provide power, Internet access, or a direct line of communication. We're just waiting for the electrician to wire up the house before we start putting in the drywall. Now that the spare room is wired up, I'll be able to use it as a home office.
2. To attach or connect something to or with wires in order to provide power, Internet access, or a direct line of communication. With the Wi-Fi down, we had to wire up all our computers directly in order to share our documents and project information. Let me just wire up these speakers so we can hear the music.
3. To fasten, secure, or affix something with wires. They might have to wire up his jaw if the break is too severe. Make sure you wire up those bales of hay before you finish for the day.
See also: up, wire

wire something up

1. to repair or reattach something with wire, especially something electrical. I will wire this light fixture up and it will work like new. As soon as I wire up this again, it will work very well.
2. . to attach something to a high place with wire. We wired the satellite dish up to the side of the chimney. We wired up the antenna to the chimney.
See also: up, wire

wire up

1. To connect, equip, or install something with or as if with wires: The technician wired the computer up. When I first wired up the VCR, it didn't work properly.
2. To equip something with power or Internet access: They wired up the library so the students could access online journals. We took the big spare room and wired it up for use as a recording studio.
3. To secure something with wires: We wired up the flagpole so that it wouldn't blow over. A surgeon had to wire my jaw up after the accident.
4. To cause someone to become stimulated, excited, or alert, as from a stimulant or a rush of adrenaline: That cup of coffee really wired me up. Too much soda has wired up the kids, and they're getting out of control.
See also: up, wire

wired up

See wired
See also: up, wired