wire for

wire for (something)

1. To send a request for something via telegraph. I'll ask the embassy to wire for a car to meet us at the airport when we land. The last time we made contact with the outpost was when they wired for supplies two months ago.
2. To send a telegram to someone or something in order to request something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "wire" and "for." He wired his parents for more money after becoming stranded in Gothenburg. We won't have phone or Internet services where we'll be, so we'll have to wire headquarters for instructions.
3. To install electrical or telecommunication wires inside of something or some place in order to achieve or use something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "wire" and "for." It's a great building for an office, but we'll have to wire the whole place for Wi-Fi before we move in. They forgot to wire the dang thing for sound, so it can only display video.
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wire someone or something for something

to send a telegram to someone or something requesting something. I wired my father for some money. I'm sure he'll send it, officer. Sarah wired the supplier for a replacement part.
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wire for something

to send for something by telegram. I wired for money, but it hasn't come yet. I will have to wire for further advice.
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Ultra high end material is used in the breast biopsy localization wire for complying with the surgical needs.
One solution is to use medium-gauge wire for the stinger, or back half of the rig, but hide it in the skin of the bait.
Choose smooth wire for your fencing project if you want to control livestock with minimal chance of injury.
5 High-tensile barbed wire can be stretched tighter than conventional wire for a more effective boundary fence,
The superelastic property of the Japanese NiTi alloy wire for use in orthodontics.
The National Electrical Code (NEC) was changed in 1996 to require a separate ground wire for certain appliances to ground their frames.
Another advancement is the non-contact wire bow sensor to detect the orientation of the wire for the cutting force measurement and cutting path error compensation.
The bond is eroded and diamond grits are exposed on the wire for the oscillatory wire saw.
Consequently, Six Sigma level quality has been extended down the supply chain to include subassembly and component suppliers who depend on the consistency of materials such as fine wire for their own product reliability.
For instance, some companies have manufactured square-shaped wire for coils used in the read-write assembly of disk drives on computers.
The Al addition was injected in conjunction with Ca wire for its stirring effect.
Productivity, profitability, and quality can be optimized by choosing the fight wire for your application.
Like other metalworking tools, wire for EDM must have the right combination of characteristics to provide reliable, cost-effective machining for a particular application.
Some typical accessories include things like wirenuts of different sizes, electrical tape, grounding screws or clips, and short pieces of copper wire for making ground connections.
* Count one wire for each neutral and hot wire entering the box;